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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokru View Post
    Wrong. My college uses Firefox.
    Good lord, if I were still in college, I'd demand a transfer to yours!

    Okay, not really, but I really hate IE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerros View Post
    But yet its compatible with everything and everything requires it! Im trying to do some online homework and low and behold it wont work with any other browser except IE. I hate internet explorer so much it keeps crashing and its slow. I love chrome and firefox but cant effing use them with my online homework programs. Anybody else hate IE?
    I've had to do some online homework and such before for some classes. Some of the programs were run with IE. One day in class I asked my professor if there was a way to run them with firefox or chrome and low and behold she told us how Guess I was just lucky.

    I can't stand IE though, haven't used it in AGES. First thing I do when I get on a computer at my college I install chrome right away I could care less if people say that IE is on par with firefox and chrome, I will never go back to it. I mean seriously, it took them this long to make IE decent? Please...
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    Internet Explorer is a boring browser for adults. That's why it supports what adult people need: ActiveX elements and internationalization. Even today Firefox and Chrome don't support some features IE has.

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