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    VPN Router problems following cogent/at&t problems

    I was one of the lucky people to be affected by the cogent/at&t problems with super high latency at peak hours and was told that a VPN effectively intercepts the signal before being sent to cogent and getting ruined. I set up a VPN and it worked, but the router continuously loses connection to the internet, even when nothing changes on the router.

    I set the VPN up at my home while my univeristy network is plagued, which is an hour drive to fix the VPN. Is it just the router that's malfunctioning? (I can always replace it with another or return it) I'm still fairly new to VPNs but is there a router-side configuration that has to be done with each connection? (I set up the connection at but hadn't connected to it until returning to school) Any help would be much appreciated!

    Router: Belkin F9K1004
    Home ISP: Comcast
    School ISP: AT&T

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    replace the router

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