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    Question what is the DOC burst opener for feral druids?

    everytime at the start of a boss fight in a raid, we would always burst our dps. im wondering whats the opening rotation for burst as a doc spec for ferals? everytime swiftness procs i would use a healing touch to get doc buff. with all the buttons smashing, you might lose out 1 or 2 and couldnt do much dps. would need a help on the burst rotation as DOC.

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    DoC is not the burst talent, it is for sustained DPS (steady dps overtime). You can get a bit of burst but you are not going anywhere close to some other classes.

    1. Before fight use a hard cast healing touch to get a DoC proc
    2. Pop pre-pot/Savage Roar
    3. Apply Rake (this will be a DoC rake) and then shred to 4 combo
    3.5. Sometime during the spam to 5 combo, pop Tigers fury and berserk.
    4. Use Nature swiftness, healing touch, apply rake again and then use the 5th combo for a rip.
    5. Shred like crazy, at 5 combo points, use the Predatory swiftness and apply the 5 combo point savage roar.
    6. Shred like crazy again to 4 combo points, use Predatory swiftness, re-apply rake and then Ferocious Bite.
    7. After that just go back to applying DoC'd rake/rip, keeping Savage roar up.

    Pretty much how I do it.

    PS. To increase the burst slightly, use a thrash somewhere during berserk (remember to try and use it on Omen of clarity procs though) and if you have a warrior, apply shattering blow you gain from Symbiosis.

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    Well basically what i do is

    *HT Pre Pull
    *Cat Form and i'm usually spaming SR because it rarely dose gain PS on 0 cps
    *1 sec left on pull counter i pop a potion
    *Dash+Run+Skull Bash target
    *Rake (With DoC)
    *Shattering Blow
    *Shred to 4th CP
    *NS+HT (Or if i'm lucky ass i'm using my bugged PS)
    *Rake then Rip
    (Somewhere inbetween i tend to Thrash to dump energy usually before NS+HT because of HT's 1.5 sec GCD)
    *Shred for as many CPs i can get and pop SR(3-4-5 CPs)
    *Normal rotation

    It is very similar to what Razorback said i know :-)
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