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    [Feral] PvE. Why is my DPS so terrible for my gear?

    My ingame name is Morba on Stormrage if you want to armory me, I can't post links as I'm new to posting.

    I have no clue why my DPS is so low for my gear level (492 iLvl). I have recently switched from tanking to feral DPS, as of right now I am only able to pull 64k on the training dummy which from experience is pretty low especially for my gear. I've only done one raid as Feral as I'm scared I won't meet the requirements for raids past MSV. On Feng I only 75k DPS and I'm in a rut now that I've been through many guides and I'm still not sure why my DPS is so low. Is it something with how my gear is gemmed/reforged? Am I using the wrong Tier 4/6 talents? I have a feeling it's something to do with my rotation because I've optimized my gear with Icy-veins/AskMrRobot, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I think I'm doing everything every guide has said. There isn't a time where SR or Rip isn't up, I'm timing DoC procs with Rakes/Rips, Thrash on Clearcasting, etc. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. Any feedback would be great, thanks.

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    Here is a link of your amory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...e/Morba/simple.
    Anyway, I notice a few things. For instance, I don think your level 90 talent will be of much help to you in terms of dps. I would advice you to take heart of the wild fwor the extra agility. I also see that you are not hit capped, nor expertise capped. I know that this capping those stats would statistically give you lower dps, but when I played feral I found that missing screwed over my entire rotation, which resulted in me doing lower dps than I should.
    Other than that I'm not sure, maybe a better weapon enchant could work and for some fights incarnation is nice, especially if you combine it with your berserk.

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    Your gems and enchants seem good, except for Windsong - on a weapon as good as you have, you want Dancing Steel on it. Secondly your Windswept Pages is not the best feral DPS trinket (though it's okay if you don't have anything better). Try to replace it with Terror in the Mists, or Relic of Xuen, or something with an agility proc. Agility procs are amazing.

    I personally don't agree with your reforging. I agree with sharkwouter here and would try to maintain the hit cap and expertise-dodge caps to avoid wasted abilities. I know that with different talents different stats are more important, but I like being hit and dodge-exp capped for DPS. After that, mastery is the best stat, although crit seems pretty good too with Incarnation/NV spec.

    I disagree with sharkwouter here though :your talents are good as they are, you are using the same as I use. Just make sure to macro Incarnation & Nature's Vigil (& a Virmen's Bite potion) together, and use with Berserk and Tiger's Fury, and ideally hit all this just after one of your agility procs has gone off. Dream of Cenarius spec might be technically higher DPS, but it's more complicated and I find Incarnation/NV spec works just fine.

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    Few Things I noticed off the back:
    Incarnation is a garbage talent for PVE minus say 1 fight and that's on heroic you're going to have really great burst, but poor sustained DPS. Soul of the Forest is the way to go, hands down. NV is fine if you don't like the DOC rotation, SoTF+ NV isn't that far behind DOC. However if you are using DOC you *must* be Hit/Exp cap'd or you will most likely miss a critical DOC Rip/Rake and that makes using the talent pointless. If you are using DOC Hit=Exp, Mastery, Crit, Haste is your reforge priority.

    Gear: Are you logged out in your Bear gear? I noticed you have the 2pc for Bear equipped, a big no-no if you are trying to do Feral Dps. There is a difference between the Bear Tier and Feral Tier this time around, you cannot get the Feral 2pc with bear gear. Get the DMC Trinket and upgrade it if you aren't getting Heroic Terror in the Mists anytime soon. For some builds the DMC *beats* heroic terror.

    Enchants: If you are lucky enough to have the normal staff Dancing Steel... seriously. We value Agi x3 more than any other stat.

    Rotation/Timer questions:
    Are you using an addon to track your bleeds? Are you clipping a weaker rake with a stronger TF buffed rake? I couldn't find a public log for your raid so it's hard to see what's actually going on rotation wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeralSynapse View Post
    Gear: Are you logged out in your Bear gear? I noticed you have the 2pc for Bear equipped, a big no-no if you are trying to do Feral Dps. There is a difference between the Bear Tier and Feral Tier this time around, you cannot get the Feral 2pc with bear gear. Get the DMC Trinket and upgrade it if you aren't getting Heroic Terror in the Mists anytime soon. For some builds the DMC *beats* heroic terror.
    I used to tank, but now I wanted to DPS so I'm just using those old bear pieces.

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    things which stick out are your Hit & expertise caps (7.5%) and weapon enchant but without logs of your DPS it's very hard to determine what you are doing wrong. As a beginner, I'd suggest taking Soul of the Forest and Nature's Vigil (as suggested previously) then moving on to Incarnation and Dream of Cenarius for your tier 4 and tier 6 talents once you are more comfortable with the feral rotation.

    Two good guides are:
    1. MMO-Champion Guide: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...vE-guide-5-0-5
    2. Method Guide: http://www.methodwow.com/board/showt...al-Druid-Guide

    For further constructive feedback, I'd suggest taking some logs of fights (LFR or normal). The log process is very easy to setup and you can rock and roll within 10 minutes, here is a good guide of how to begin the log process http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oILgikavPcg.

    A few tell-tale things for low DPS are
    1. low rip, rake and savage roar uptimes
    2. an overuse of ferocious bite which in-turn allows rip and/or savage roar to fall off
    3. not using your cooldowns (berserk / tiger's fury) as many times as possible during a fight

    EDIT: Do not use Mr. robot as it is inaccurate most of the time- read the guides mentioned thoroughly and try ensure you are comfortable enough to know how to gem / enchant your gear accordingly. A good reforging addon I use is reforgelite (LINK) which can help you to reach the hit / expertise caps to a fine degree while optimising your reforges.
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    Practise, practise and practise.
    If you are not very used to feral go with sould of the forest and nature's vigil. This talent setup is viable for every fight unlike DoC. You've got to know on which fights it is a dps increase.

    Another thing: Stop relying on Icy-veins (or noxxic for that matter) as their guides for the most part are complete garbage. Terribly outdated as well.
    In stead of using askmrrobot you may want to use the addon reforgelite in order to optimist your reforging. The gems/enchants you should know which one is the best if you read a guide.

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    The best advice I can give for anyone struggling in dps is to simplify.

    The fewer actions you have to consider each minute, the better. In your particular case, drop DoC. While a dps increase on paper, I'm fairly sure DoC is a dps loss for 99.5% of the feral population, if not more. In some cases, significantly so.

    If you take something like NV or HoTW and go with the "keep savage roar, rake, and rip up" and never using bite until post 25%, your dps would probably go up a fair deal.

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    I completely agree with and support all of FeralSynapse's post. Anything I can add is get a decent dot tracker all your bleeds should be refreshed at or below the 2s mark. Work out how much damage per energy your getting, pool your energy until it is more valuable like when you have an agi proc (kinda sucks when dancing steel procs, and your darkmoon card together and your at 0 energy). What I always found helped people learn cat was to equate abilities to second, shred costs 40 energy so it takes 4 seconds to get enough to use it. Think 3-5 abilities ahead DoC is a fluid rotation you are always thinking and making decisions to up your damage. Practice, practice, practice it's a tough rotation make it feel second nature.

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    If you are struggling on the target dummy then you will definitely have issues in raid. All the suggestions seem spot on, I'm curious if you have seen an improvement?

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    This is actually my raid leader, I'll have to remind him to make a comeback to this thread.

    However, he has improved, I'm not sure if its as high as he'd like it to be just yet.

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    I've totally missed this thread but yeah since I see a lot of guys already posted so if your still having problems, post here and me and the others(I'd assume) would love to help.
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