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    Advice against holy paladin

    Hi guys,

    Im a noob warrior, just dinged 90 last week. I've got full blue gear without weapon (got 419ilvl green mace ), gearing for maxi ressi.

    Im playing with my friend who is full epic disco priest 2's, and we have always problems killing a holy paladin, I know gear makes a lot but, I litteraly cant drop a holy paly below 70 %, and they arent going OOM never ever. The problem is also they can outheal their selves with instants so I cant kick anything. I usually charge him (warbringer stun) than hit a heroic strike (with slowing glyph) or hamstring than collosus smash, mortal strike and hitting overpower ASAP, when I have enough rage, than I pop my CD's(avatar, blood fury, trinket, recklessnes, banner, enrage, deadly calm). I also heroic leap away and than charge him for extra stun but its not enough It feels like IM doing something really bad I just can press enough the paladin to start healing with casting heals and not just instants.

    BTW Im using battle stance when training holy pally.

    Can you guys give me some advice? Thank you.

    I forgot to mention we are playing on retard rating 1600 mmr, having 36-6 score, and those 6 losts are due to Im bad I cant kill paladin, other healers are easier to kill, but paladin, I really dont know what to do.
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    get a weapon,your first upgrade "if you can get it".if not just get better gear until you can get your 2 hander.

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    And are u guys having problems with holy paladins? Is it just a gear issue or my skill or that holy paladins are strong and should I accept that I wont beat them?

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    Do arena Senario and you have a 450 weapon from Q in there at least, also try getting some heroic weapons to. Weapons is our most important item as warrior!
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    And are you having issues with holy paladins too, or is it just mine issue?

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