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    (A) <Sepsis> 10/16H recruiting for Core Team Dentarg-US

    10 man alliance raiding guild on eastern time US server Dentarg. We are getting ready to start work on our fifth heroic boss in heart of fear, Un'Sok.

    We are on the lookout for a 10th full time raider for our team. Looking for a Ranged dps or a dps with healing off spec. We are open to several different classes and specs. Mostly interested in finding the right player, then trying to work with the composition. The right player would have some raiding experience, study up on their class mechanics using fansites, and be ready to learn just like we do each time we raid. Our preference would be for an elemental shaman, mage, resto shammy, or hunter.

    Sepsis is a guild that enjoys raiding. We'd really like to keep working on heroic modes. So, if you are a person that likes that stuff too, send me an in-game message, or in-game mail and we can set up a trial for you. Can also message either Markosh or Loadedman if I'm not online.

    Our raid times (eastern/dentarg server time) are as follows:

    Wednesday night 8pm - midnight
    Thursday night 8pm - midnight
    Saturday night 8pm - 1am

    A potential recruit ought to be able to make at least 2 of those nights on a fairly regular basis.

    If I forgot anything or you just want to know more, please feel free to message me in game with any questions.

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    A little Bump please =)

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