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    (H) Old School (25 man) Draenor - 3 n/w - 6 years - 15/16 heroic T14

    Current progress is 6/6 heroics on MSV, 6/6 heroic HoF and 3/4 heroic ToS

    **Recruitment is now OPEN**

    (Actively reviewing applications for all classes)

    Actively reviewing applications for T14 and next tiers. Appropriate candidates are at a gear level able to contribute in current raiding content. Ideal candidates maintain an enviable level of knowledge in regards to their class with a proactive attitude towards progression. Dependable & appropriate levels of attendance are expected.

    A stable internet connection and machine capable of running necessary add-ons during graphically intensive 25 man encounters is required. Ventrilo & a working microphone if you have, with an understanding of how to communicate pertinent information is also required.


    The guild was officially created on Nagrand (PvE) server on July 6, 2007. Progressed through TBC content with some horde and realm firsts; however due to poor horde population and recruitment difficulties on Nagrand guild had to transfer to its current realm, Draenor on August 10, 2009. Old School has been around for a long time & doesn't plan on going anywhere. If you're looking for a home for MoP and beyond, this may be the guild for you.


    Old School is always looking for exceptional players to add to the team. We value performance, commitment, and a low-drama attitude over all else. If you're good, regardless of your class or role, we'll find room for you.

    We do not consider anyone for recruitment without a complete and detailed application. If you're interested in joining, you'll need to fill one out. It should be posted in the recruitment forum or sent via PM to the appropriate officer if you'd rather keep things private.

    Should you be invited to the guild, understand that you will be at the bottom of the totem pole. We try to work new recruits in where possible, but in most cases you won't be getting a regular raid spot from the get go. That doesn't mean you wont get to raid you will raid and a lot since we dont recruit back ups what it means is that there are no guaranteed raid spots. You'll need to prove yourself where you can and we ll make sure to give you the opportunity.

    We maintain open recruitment under those terms for all classes and specs.


    25-man Mandatory Raid Schedule. Times are given in GMT +1, which is server time on Draenor. Raid schedule is lighter during farm periods.

    Wed: 7pm - 11pm
    Thu: 7pm - 11pm
    Sun: 7pm - 11pm


    Disc priest
    Protection paladin or warrior
    Monk (dps)
    Enha shaman

    Any exceptional player is encouraged to apply regardless of role.


    -If you want to join OS to get loot, you're not who we're looking for. We raid because we enjoy raiding, not because we like epics. Chances are very high you won't be receiving much, if any, loot for the first few weeks you're in the guild. If that's not acceptable, save yourself and us some time and don't bother applying.
    -If you want to join OS to get carried through content, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you don't think researching your spec is important, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you don't have the best possible gems and enchants on all of your gear, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you don't feel like working for your raid spot, you're not who we're looking for.
    -If you think showing up on time, repairing your gear, and having proper consumables are optional, you're not who we're looking for.

    For more info visit our website osguild.guildlaunch.com/

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