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    Playing games on Easy: opinions

    How do you guys feel about playing games on easy?

    I was always against it, and figured if I can't handle normal difficulty in a game, it wasn't for me, or I would tough it out over the course of several weeks, but as I've gotten much older, I'm starting to think certain games might be worth it to start I easy, just so I can see the main story, which is the main reason I play games.

    I have yet to start a game on the easiest setting, but it's something I'm really considering, especially given my huge backlog of games just collecting dust since I dot have time to play them all anymore. Doing them on easy will help me burn through my backlog considerably faster than before.

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    I sometimes play games on easy, but I'm notoriously bad at video games apparently :P I usually go normal, but occasionally I will put it on easy just to see what it's like, especially if a genre I'm not so good at. I prefer games that let you choose per mission though or change in the middle of combat so I'm not stuck on easy mode if it's too easy.

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    sometimes you just want to enjoy the story. Also it makes you feel like a god. it's a good thing.

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    I always want to enjoy the game on my first play through. Gouging my eyes out is not my idea of fun. So, my first play through is always the easiest setting. But, every play through after is cranked up to the hardest.

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    I don't like it. It kind of takes the fun out of challenging myself in a game. Sure, I might beat the game, but it doesn't really feel like I accomplished anything. I don't just play games for story, although a good story is always nice. For the most part, I play games for the gameplay, and if I can just breeze through the game without any issues, then it just takes the fun out of it. I'll usually play on normal, as it's meant to be played, or on hard if normal is too easy.

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    Sometimes I just want to play through the story without thinking about any challenges. But mostly I will play on at least normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeydivision82 View Post
    easy, just so I can see the main story, which is the main reason I play games.
    That sums it up for me. I'm not bad at games, but I play single-player games for the story, not for beating my head against the same boss 15 times.

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    I usually go with the highest difficulty I can play which is usually hard or extreme (when it happens) although often I play normal when i enjoy a game as it should be like baldur's gate some other times I get kicked in the nuts like in DMC 3 where at first I couldn't finish normal so I did it on easy, then finished normal and now struggling on hard (there's also a dante must die difficulty of which I only heard in rumors but apparently you touch a fly and it one shot you)

    so all in all it depends on the game. I always start at normal cause you never know like DMC. I usually end up playing the game on hard sooner or later though and I enjoy it immensely even when I get raped and abused. I've completed metal gear solids on all difficulties though never get tired of that story and amazing game.

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    my friend plays on easy, he likes games, wants to finish them and doesnt have the time to get stuck on something... he has a kid on the way so itll only get worse too. I prefer a challenge but to each his own.
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    I never play on easy, I think of it like this most games are $60 I wanna get my money's worth and beating a game in a day or 2 isn't really fun for me. I usually play on hard or the next one up depending on the game and how much I wanna enjoy the story over saying I beat that game on the hardest difficulty.

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    Depends on the game. If it's a game genre I'm generally unfamiliar with or that I particularly suck at, I'll play it on easy and, if I like it enough and/or improve enough to feel capable of playing on harder difficulties, I'll play it on harder modes later. If it's a game genre or just some sequel of a game I'm already familiar with, I'll disregard the easy difficulty. There are of course exceptions to this where I'll just play them on easy once to see the story and then replay it on hard later, but that only happens with games where I'm VERY interested in the story above everything else.
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    I used to loathe playing on easy for almost my entire life. Then i bought FTL and oh well... i changed my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    That sums it up for me. I'm not bad at games, but I play single-player games for the story, not for beating my head against the same boss 15 times.
    In my experiences, normal difficulty in most games never really has any portions that are really that difficult. That seems like an exaggeration. You're all acting like the difference between easy and normal is phenomenal, but it really isn't. Normal is normal. It's not mind-numbingly boring, nor is it particularly challenging (note that I'm speaking in general, I'm sure there are certain games out there where normal difficulty is quite hard. The Ys games come to mind, for example...), it's just enough challenge to keep me awake.

    I used to play games on easy too until I realized that normal isn't hard and makes it more fun to play in addition to experiencing the story. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I just don't understand. :/

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    Depends on the game for me. Sometimes the type of game as well and/or how old the game is.

    Like many gamers, I don't finish a lot of the games I start. I have ADHD when it comes to video games. The last game I completed from beginning to end was Farcry 3, the game before that? Assassins Creed 1 I think.......

    If it's a story driven game, I will play on easy, enjoy the story and call it a day. If the story is lacking but the gameplay is fun, I usually play on normal.

    I rarely play on hard [or hardest] mainly because games begin to piss me off at that point. When I have to empty a clip into something to kill it but it can hit me with 2 bullets and I die I just get irritated more than anything.

    So it depends.

    That being said, I see nothing wrong with playing a game on very easy or easy as long as the game is still enjoyable. Some games are TOO easy and in those cases I will knock the difficulty up because I still want a little bit of a challenge.

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    I always play on the default level and in rare cases i play on the easy level.

    The only exception is when i play flash games which i always play on the easiest level. Mainly because i only play them when i when i take a short brake and i usually suck at those games.

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    I always start games on the hardest difficulty first, then if it's too hard I step back one difficulty, and so on. I like a challenge, but if it's *too* hard then I usually won't bother trying to continue because it should be challenging not frustrating.

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    Always play on some variety of harder settings as games are are meant to challenge you, if I wanted a good story I'd watch a movie or read a book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivick View Post
    sometimes you just want to enjoy the story. Also it makes you feel like a god. it's a good thing.
    I agree with this. It really depends on the genre for me, but sometimes I just want to whitness the story or feel like a badass, in those times I whack it down to easy and faceroll.
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    I play games to relax, have fun, and enjoy the story. Ergo, if I have the option, I'll play it on easy (or, the easiest setting that will let me experience the whole game; if there's bonus hard-only content I'll slog through it). I've nothing against people who play it on harder, and typically don't get into multiplayer on games like Mass Effect 3 or Borderlands 2 (though that's because I use trainers) so as not to bring down others' gameplay experience, in effect letting them enjoy the game their way while I'm free to enjoy it my way. Everyone wins, and the company that made the game gets to be happy because sales.

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    Depends on the game. Games like the Dynasty Warriors types I'll do easy at first to unlock people faster and the like, fighting games too. I do like ramping up the difficulty eventually though. Other games I try normal first because most of the time at least for me easy is too easy.

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