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    Sims 3 Analyzed (Questions and Answers)

    I could not find a single thread that contained the Sims 3. I just had a few questions on it.

    1. I'm trying to get a political career. What do you exactly need to move up in get the rank as President (Or how long does it take?)

    2. What's the link to the site where you can get unlimited money from the game.

    3. Do you like this game better then Sims 2?

    4. I notice some items cost "Sim Money" do I have exchange real money on their site for credit for Sim Money so I can get certain things?

    5 My personal story on it. I was impressed on while you're at work. Instead of just being "away" you can choose to do many tasks while at work. For example I customized my Sim to be very people friendly. She was at work while she hit on another co worker from work. My Dog was negelected so The Gov came back and took him from me which made my Sim very depressed.

    (She was a dog person) Also my Kitchen caught on fire slowly earning the money back to buy a new stove. I befriended a vampire. (I also bought Sims Supernatural for 39.99 but it didn't seem to much inside it)
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    1. Shouldn't take very long, at a certain point in that career you have to talk to people a bunch to build up charisma to pass the other job levels.

    2. shift + ctrl + c, then type motherlode or kaching in game for money.

    3. Hard to say, at this point sims 3 has everything sims 2 had + open world, which is pretty neat. I'd say they have a ton of bugs they still need to work on, I miss non-rabbit holed restaurants, I also miss the overall goofy feeling the Sims 1 and 2 both had, one big strike against the game, I HATE EA's policies in many aspects. Despite that, it's shaped up nicely, I don't dislike it as much as I did when it first came out.

    4. Yep, The Sims Store requires "sim points" (you buy with real money) to purchase those items. It's a pretty big rip off.

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