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    Random question- would you sell your kidney?

    If offered 5 million dollars by some dying rich billionaire, its legal its a "donation". I would 5 million would last me maybe 5-10 years max. This was an actual essay question on my anatomy exam. Would you?

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    no, but how much money do you spend now, that 5 mil would last you only 5 to 10 years?

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    Yes if it's tax free. No otherwise.

    $5 mil is a lot lol.

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    Most kidney problems happen to both kidneys at the same time, and it's pretty rare to have an illness specific to just one kidney (cancer is probably the big one). If you're a normal person and get a problem that affects both kidneys, it's the same has having one kidney and getting the same problem. In both cases, your kidney(s) start dying, you'll need dialysis, and eventually a transplant. So having one kidney is not that much of a disadvantage.

    For five million dollars, that's a pretty easy gamble to take. You'll more than likely go the rest of your life without having any problems, even if you did the deal when young. Though I do think the billionaire should pay you more if it's a fresh, young, healthy kidney. Better products should cost more, right? 20 yr old's kidney is better than 50 yr old's!

    Despite everything I just said, though, I wouldn't sell my kidney. I don't really need the money or the kidney, but maybe my future kids or something will need it. Rather they have my kidney than some old dying guy.
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    No, if my other kidney fails I'd be fucked.

    Only thing I could consider donating is blood and that free and organs when I die but other than that nothing.
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    sell kidney for 5mil go to india buy kidney for 5000$ gg out tyvm

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    Sell part of liver, they grow back?

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    I'm honestly not sure... without being in the situation, I don't know what my mind would think...
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    Quote Originally Posted by holyevil44 View Post
    sell kidney for 5mil go to india buy kidney for 5000$ gg out tyvm
    Lol sell high/buy low. I was just gonna suggest buying a new kidney for way cheaper if you ever needed it.

    Although kidney surgery is scary lol. Makes me squeemish thinking about them taking my kidney out.

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    Hell yes, Id sell it for less then 5mil

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    I'd sell "a" kidney. Just dont ask too many questions.
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    no not at all.
    if it was for an immediate family member, that would be a completely different situation.
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    No, because you never know when you might need that other kidney. The only way anyone is getting one of mine is if a family member or friend needs one and I'm a match.

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    Maybe for 50 million... not 5 though

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    It's just a principle. I wouldn't give away any body parts, even those that grow back (like spinal fluid or eggs)for any amount of money. Only exception would be my parents, children or husband if they'd die without the donation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kujako View Post
    I'd sell "a" kidney. Just dont ask too many questions.
    Or this actually..

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