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    It's Chewbacca, riding a squirell...wait for it...killing nazi's *gasp*
    Quote Originally Posted by Cattaclysmic View Post
    Shagging unicorns? Well - to each their own...

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    It's my wonderful husbando Matou Kariya.

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    Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn the Goddess Series.

    He is Cernnunos the Horned God of Death who is mortal and is constantly reborn in a new form, and he is married to Dawn the Goddess of Birth and Rebirth, she is Immortal.
    Dawn is his lover through each of his ressurections.

    My signature is what he said to her when they first met. She recites it to him every time he takes a new form when they met for the first time.

    My name is Cernunnos, I will love you like no other, I have died a thousand deaths, each time I died I thought of you.

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    The only gif I was allowed to use..

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    Skelington found it in the depths of one of his folders. It's definitely from somewhere.

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    Mine is from an animated series on youtube, link to it in siggie. I liked it when I first came across it and LOVED this particular episode, so I took a screenshot from it and used it. Been a while since then, but I still like it since there's a vague Wow logic to it too, with a blue vs red theme in the pic. Maybe I'll run into something else at some point that I absolutely NEED to have as an avatar, but for now this is still cool to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post

    It's an image of Perrin Aybara from the "Wheel of Time" series forging the hammer Mah'alleinir.
    That's amazing

    Mine was originally Ein from Cowboy Bebop because Ein is awesome. And then Everything Nice either found or made this one and I was like "omg thorgi!" and I started to use it

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    I received some desktop wallpapers from an old friend some 10 years ago when I was at the high school, he shared similar gaming and music taste as me back then (old schoold RPG's and Metal). Our ways have parted since then though. I uploaded one of those pictures to some website once as an avatar as I thought it looked so cool (and it still does) and I've been using it as my avatar ever since on almost every site I use, which has avatar features.

    The nickname, "dragothica" then, I took it from an old Futuremark desktop 3DMark Graphics test program, which had a test with the name "dragothic", just added an "a" to it and it's even better, don't you think?

    This might be the original picture, some website added those letterbox bars to it, I've been used to seeing it with them so the original one looks somewhat weird.
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    Mine is a picture of my goblin main Goldscar (Proudmoore). Looking very cheeky!

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    Black Templar Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000.

    Slightly cropped from this image
    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.

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    Mine's from Robotech/Macross. I typically always use something from Robotech as it's my favorite Anime of all time. If not from Robotech I would use something from BSG "Battlestar Galactica" as that's my favorite TV series.

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    Mine's from Doctor Who.
    I should be writing! | MAL

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    Because Morrgian..isn't it obvious how bad ass she is.

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    Crabby drew a sketch of himself riding Deathwing. I liked it
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    You are full of shit.

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    It's me in my finest clothing.

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    Jägermeister! I edited the colors in paint

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    I love cats, I love lolcats, and I like making fun of religion. Found it on a random lolcat site and was like MUST HAVE.

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    My avatar is my arm, yes I actually got that tattooed. Will be getting the Sin'dorei on my other arm.

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