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    I was checking out light painting.And i like drawing cat faces everywhere .

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    One of the albums from my favorite artists, and my sig is the groups logo.

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    Star Trek Voyager.

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    Johnny the homicidal maniac, fantastic comics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    does anyone wanna take a wild guess
    I love it

    Mine is just a standard old QOTSA pic I found years ago on the net A while back it was another QOTSA logo where it was a giant red cricle with a little sperm going through the middle that made a Q. They are by far my favorite band and have been for years now. Can't wait for their new album this year, It's going to make me cream my pants for sure
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    It's a character from one of the Mass Effect comic books (Feron from Mass Effect: Redemption) with some photoshoppyness that I did. Ditto for my sig (I made them as a set).

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    Mine is a picture of Mandalor from the Star Wars universe. One of the very first Mandalorians. The Mandalorians are a race of warriors, Boba Fett is one and wears Mandalorian armour. No real reason for having it, just quite like the picture and lore.

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    Hecatomb TCG's Loki.

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    My avatar comes from millions of light years away, where some alien took a picture of a ice planet.

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    short answer? its both my favorite eevee evolutions holding a baby eevee..long answer? well i was looking for a new avatar and i couldnt really decide on what so my old avatar was that of an so was the 1 before it..infact that 1 had an umbren holding a mistel toe. but anyway i went to google and searched long and hard through 100s of pictures til i decided on this 1..
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    Trogdor. Self explanatory. If confused, click my signature link. If your still confused after that, you haven't been living life to the fullest.
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    I work in the semi-conductor industry, and mine is a diagram of a circuit.

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    I was looking for a good avatar when I first joined MMO-Champ. I found this one, but his robe was blue, so I photo shopped into black, which turned the background light grey. I also of course added a border. It's my favorite one so I usually use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Csnyder View Post
    mines a pic of my cat. its funny how many stole images from deviant art, thats theft you know, you need written permission to use them, copyright laws
    Not really no. Unless it's a something branded and trademarked by a company and you try and use it to make money off it, it doesn't matter. And even then they aren't going to care if someone uses their art for an avatar in a forum site.
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    Mine is from a picture of me.
    Quote Originally Posted by sarethen View Post
    I always get nostalgic feels from listening to the elywnn music. I could hear the crickets and the moon was out, just running through elwynn down to goldshire. So beautiful. I was checking out the tavern, loved the music. Then a night elf asked me to suck his cock for 15s.

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    I found mine on scrolloflore, but I think they got it from wowhead, but I think they got it from someone else. Lol.

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    Well, my previous post is irrelevant, so the new one is Rider from Fate/Zero, my most recent addiction.

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    When I first made this account I wanted to use something from Daria aswell. I was looking for a nice shot of Daria but eventually saw Aethon's . Didn't have a plan B and I still have no idea what mine should be now

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    Guilty Crown... more specially Inori from Guilty Crown.

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    Bassist of Korn, love them.

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