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    Merging Account Question

    So my friend and me want to do RAF since I have a few extra battle chests with the five dollar sale they always do. My question is if I add another account to my battle net already can I merge that account later so that all the toons are under one roof?

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    Just to make certain that I know what you are going to do.

    You want to make an wow-license through RAF on your battlenet account which your friend will be using. And if at some point in future your friend stops playing you will merge the account by paying the transfer from his license on your bnet account to your wow license?

    Or am I just too sleep deprived and are not thinking correctly?
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    Okay what we plan to do is I recruit him and he recruits me, but I don't want to make another b.net account and lose all the guys that I level to help him with his account. So if I put the RAF account as a second account under my same b.net can I eventually merge that account with my primary so I can get the guys that I leveled to help him with his primary account under one roof?

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    You can have as many WoW licenses on your Bnet account as you want. No need to merge licences, because trust me, that is a huge pain the ass. Just keep it all under your main Bnet account.
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    You can have two WoW accounts on one b.net account with no problem - after the RAF finishes though... You can't just 'merge' the accounts. You have have to pay to transfer the characters between the two WoW accounts. Or you can keep paying double sub fees, depends which you feel works better for you

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    k this is what I wanted to know thanks sanssanity

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