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    rogues on live?

    So i just dinged 90 on my rogue, currently assassination/combat...And i read and like all the new buffs they are giving us. Was wondering how rogues are doing on live? and what spec(s) playing best? I love playing combat in pvp (rbg's). hopefully it's not just stacked for one spec like in cata where 95% of top rogues were sub cuz combat and assassination took alot more effort for little gain?

    Any info on how they're doing would be super

    have a nice day

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    Rogues are not doing to well on live. They are probably the weakest melee after Enh shamans. As a lock I used to fear them like the plague. Now I hunt them, and it feels wrong. Even if payback is good sometimes.

    Anyway, that being said: I am afraid Sub is still the spec to go due to premiditation, agi bonus and mastery. It scales better with gear too.

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    Sub is the only viable spec. Combat and ass lack the burst and control.

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    Those buffs are coming in because of how weak rogues are right now. To be honest, I'm not even sure how strong assassination or combat are, but I assume they're worse overall than subtlety since that's the only spec serious rogues seem to be playing. Subtlety still has its niche as the most control-oriented melee, and still has more frequent burst potential than other melee through dance, but the introduction of shadow blades seems to have put a bit of a damper on that burst availability. Their biggest weakness is just a lack of survivability. When classes were restructured for Cataclysm, rogue survival was based on recuperate. Now they've (rightly) nerfed recuperate but haven't done enough to compensate for that loss. Perhaps there won't be such a stark contrast next season when warrior defenses get toned down, but I don't think handing out a baseline prep will suddenly make rogues durable. Small changes can have enormous impact though, so maybe I'm underestimating this.

    I also very much doubt that combat and assassination are simply too complex to be worth the effort. As in the past, they just don't have enough availability on their opening abilities to take advantage of them. It sucks if you like the other specs more, but honestly combat and mutilate are just too generic and play like any other melee in the game. Until shadow dance is made a talent or something I feel rogues will basically have to choose between playing sub or facing a performace drop.

    P.S. I missed your specification of RBGs. You should be able to perform your role as any spec, since you'll basically be there just to drop smoke bombs and probably otherwise harass the FC.

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    Yeah i dont have much arena exp at all, maybe 1500 tops in cata, just RBG's mainly. I would like to make this rogue arena ready if they are viable enough in the next patch, since i wont get the gear up and ready before then most likely. But, i know what your saying about combat and assassination not be more complex like it cata, they just dont have the survivability. just hope something, cuz it seems the only thing im good for now is, controlling with cc and smoke bombs, while i'm hitting them with wet noodles. i will give sub a try tho, for pvp should i stack mastery if i go sub?

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