View Poll Results: Your favorite alliance dk race

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  • Draenei

    34 16.43%
  • Dwarf

    18 8.70%
  • Gnome

    16 7.73%
  • Human

    79 38.16%
  • Night Elf

    23 11.11%
  • Worgen

    37 17.87%
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    Looks NE female.
    PvP wise Human, such sick pressure if your pvp trinket procs and you also use the usable pvp trinket + weapon enchant proc = refresh diseases + gargoyle + scourge or necrotic spam

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    Female Night Elf, with banshee green or stone grey skin.

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    Human ! to honor Arthas !

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    Back in wrath, I had a Gnome Dk.

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    Human, because they really are the most fitting when it comes to lore.

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    I've mained as a male Draenei frost DK. Just out of spite.

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    Dwarf and Human, Arthas FTW

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    I play human because the name i use for my main if its female was taken (wtf?) on the server i transfered to and human males are the only ally male race that looks cool enough in the gear and the racials were far superior to the others as a dps in pve and pvp. But if i went for looks i would go either nelf female or human female.

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    Human on alliance.

    Blood elf on horde.

    And i do a little PvE as frost, though not much as i mostly roleplay nower days.

    I also don't care much for racials, i go to the races i think make the most sence in lore and/or look the best :P

    All in all blood elf and human are pretty much the only death knights that make sence to me...

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    None. Orc or get out.

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    I play a male worgen dk because they do look badass but I am so tempted to switch to a female draenai. I already have a female draenai shaman and priest, but dayum I love dem space goats. The males on the other hand... no, just no.
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    I like the Worgen. I've Tanked and DPS as them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeion View Post
    Human ! to honor Arthas !

    Plus because I do a little bit of both. When I'm not raiding, I like to spend my time pvping. Back in WotLK, having double DPS trinkets and to have "Every Man for Himself" was just so OP! Plus getting extra rep as a human is good, having that extra expertise from Maces and Swords is good too since I can reforge into something else. And like many people said....gear seems to look better on humans then other classes. Worgens and Taurens made me hate the "Magma Plated" gear just because the helmets look so dumb on them.

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    The racial trinket, of course. It's useful in both PvP and PvE.

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