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  • Draenei

    34 16.43%
  • Dwarf

    18 8.70%
  • Gnome

    16 7.73%
  • Human

    79 38.16%
  • Night Elf

    23 11.11%
  • Worgen

    37 17.87%
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    Worgen for me. Their dw animations are awesome, 2h isnt bad and they have the flip.

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    Gotta go with human. They make the most sense lore wise, look good in plate, have the best racials, and ofcourse the best reason.... because Arthas is f***ing awesome.

    My second pick would be draenei, they look pretty badass in DK gear.

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    Humans are win due to Every Man for Himself! I can't detach myself from this racial.

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    Night Elf for having green skin...

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    Male Nelf. Extra avoidance for easier stat balancing. Shadowmeld for survivability, especially when soloing content. Great lore. Looks badass in plate.

    Male Draenei's would've been my choice but the hooves just kill it for me. Plus when they run or walk, they look like they've got something shoved up their rear.

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    Would love to say Male Night Elf, but the damn animation on casting for them is so out of place for a melee character. Tie between Draenei Female and Human Male.

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    I really like the look of worg gurls but im human dude coz of the op racial

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    I chose human for a couple reasons and orc when I was horde.

    I pvp, play dps, and believe in lore(even though blizzard has shot lore to shit). IMHO no races outside of humans and orcs should be able to be death knights. but that's just me.

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    Dwarf Female > all

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    Fem Nelf, Fem Human, or Fem Dranei. All the male models are terrible on the Alliance.

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    Mine is currently a night elf female, before that I was a male worgen and he looked badass. Love their frost dual wielding animations but front flips as blood started to bother me so I decided to change it up. Think female human would be nice in the future if I change again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivick View Post
    human, for racials.

    As much as I like worgen, they should not be able to be DK's. Lore says that worgen are immune to the plague of undeath.
    Death Knights were raised by direct necromancy. Not the Undeath Plague that caused the mindless scourge (and lead to the Forsaken). There's quite a lot of difference.
    A wild worgen could have been raised as Death Knight, gained control over their Worgen and Human form, and rejoined the world of the sentient beings afterwards (be it Ebon Blade, Argent Dawn or Ashen Verdict, or the Alliance).
    They wouldn't actually be a Gilnean in the same sense that other playable Worgen are, though. Just like Goblin Death Knights wouldn't belong to the same group of Goblins as those who joined the Horde in the Cataclysm.
    Edit: The Worgen also played a rather nifty role in Northrend, if you remember.

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    I play a female dwarf, named Lafea. She is literally the ugly. Also, I like the bulkier plate look on dwarves in general.

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    Why? 2 words. Dat ass.

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    Not playing alliance, but i can admit that the worgen death knights looks pretty badass. That's my final answer, worgen!

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    Female gnome....with pink pigtails....named Squeakles or Cuppiecake.

    The female gnome DK laugh is just creeeeeeepy!!!

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    Worgen, I do everything
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    fem space goat all the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Augh View Post
    Female Nelf with 2h sword would be the winner even if the other Alliance options weren't a tragedy.

    Voted accordingly.
    Exactly this. My DK uses Armageddon, spinning around a sword that's bigger than you is so FF7.

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