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    Lightbulb Random science thoughts (Post your own or comment on others)

    Random science thoughts! Ever thought why can't we try this? Or would this crazy theory of mine actually work! Or just like spinning some good science yarn? Post your own random science theory/thought or debunk others!(Constructively....)


    A new mode of interstellar transportation! That works by stopping so hard that you go crazy fast.....

    In moving between planets within our solar system we have always moved using our solar system as a reference point, but out solar system is already moving at some 400km/s (900,000mph?) relative to the background radiation of space(as far as I know the closest thing we have to a static reference in the universe). So what if we could anchor ourselves to that background radiation using some sort of energy field or a great big background radiation sail. The effect would actually be a loss of momentum(relative to the BG radiation), but from our reference point, the object that is "stopping" or slowing down would actually accelerate in the opposite direction our solar system/galaxy/cluster is moving through the universe and eventually coast away at a breezy 400km/s.

    Assuming we survive the deceleration/acceleration, and that we could line it up so Mars is directly behind earth relative to our velocity through the universe, factoring in a distance of 54.6million km (the closest earth and mars ever go) we could arrive there in 37.9 hours(not factoring in acceleration/deceleration time - 54600000 / 400 = 136500 seconds / 60 / 60 = 37.9 hours)

    If we could indeed anchor ourselves, how slowly would we need to accelerate in order to not be torn apart by the tidal forces of gravity within our universe? Something floating with a river doesn't get damage much, but if it gets stuck the same river rushing past it will tear it apart.

    If we were going 400km/s could we slingshot around Mars and use its gravity to "catch us" accelerating us to original velocity of our solar system? or would we tear right though Mars and everything else that got in our way like butter!? Maybe we need to do a tour around Jupiter to slow us down and get Mars on the return voyage?

    /shrug - Anyways that's mine. Post yours or poke some holes in mine Have fun.
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