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    Facebook has around 1 billion user accounts at the moment so I guess it'll take a while to disappear. However I can see it happening sooner rather than later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhira View Post
    I miss ICQ
    ICQ was cool but internet back then wasn't all that great, must have been like 1997 or something. Didn't use it all that much. Then there was "StajlPlejs" ("Style Place"), also around 1997 I think, which became Lunarstorm... good times good times. rofl
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    Another thread of facebook forcing the user's to pay to send messages or pay to have ur account open blah blah blah... Good one ...

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    Facebook has been irrelevant to me since I made my account. The only reason I even made one was because my girlfriend at the time just HAD to be FB official.

    I have a cell phone on me at all times. If you wanna talk, call/text me. It's not that hard.
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    FB will be dead in 5 years. Mark my words. I say good riddance.
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    just saying that those games become popular because of facebook and not the other way around.

    FB has to many users to just disappear

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    I dont think facebook will die out anytime soon, but for sure it won't last another 10-20 years
    It probably won't last even 5 years.

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    Hm, I don't really see facebook dying anytime soon. It's very practical for staying in contact with people, especially those who live far away, and also it is very easy/simple to use.
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    I think these things have a lifespan of somewhere around 5-8 years.

    In an odd way its a lot like a sports television analyst. lets say a retired athlete gets hired for the very first time to be a studio analyst. At first, he wants to prove he belongs, and he is worthy of the job. So he studies hard, fills his segments with analysis, and takes it very seriously.

    After about 2-3 years, if he is successful, he starts realizing the veterans never work as hard as he does. He gets bored. He notices the 'popular' analysts spend their time gossiping, tossing out memes, and making the equivalent of fart jokes. So he cuts back on the analysis and becomes a clown too.

    The last 2-3 years are spent clowning around and ruining his cred, and eventually the network fires him and replaces him a newly-retired player looking to impress as an analyst.

    Facebook has similar problems. When it started, more people took it seriously, respected each other, and tried to impress. But its been around for too many years now. Its attracted the lowest common denominator, its old and tired, but theres no new blood to infuse. Its running its course.

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    I'd be gone to Goggle+ in two seconds if I could get most of my friends to move.

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    I find people play with it for 5 minutes, get bored, and stop coming back. There's only a handful of my contacts that actively post or even sign in. It's still overly popular though and will be for awhile. I think in about 2 to 4 years it will die off though.

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    I have facebook don't really use it much, just to talk to some of my friends really. Twitter is much better in my opinion. And i'm sure i'll get called a hipster but i also like instagram. I think facebook will go down but not anytime soon and the decline won't be as rapid as MySpace.
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    Facebook's biggest problem is that the internet is becoming first and foremost a tablet and phone show, and their website is firmly in the mouse-and-keyboard world, and their mobile apps are garbage and generate no revenue.

    Facebook doesn't translate well in a world where more people use the internet via cellphone and app rather than webpage. Zygya specifically is the canary in the coalmine. Their app games have largely failed or been one-month-wonders. Their facebook games have been in a two year decline because of user shifts.
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    no facebook is doing fine from what i can see.
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    I sure hope so. I dislike these social networking sites. yes, i like the idea of "liking" companies to get newsletters from all in one place, but other then that... not so much.

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    I think Facebook is suffering from Twitter the same way Myspace was suffering from Facebook. Personally, I never found any use in Facebook once I found out about and started using Twitter.

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    I'm sure Facebook is doing fine, but I also think people are starting to realize the danger of irresponsible social network usage. Posting sensitive information, spending too much time on FB, and getting pulled into arguments and drama that you would have otherwise avoided... All are real, genuine risks of using Facebook. I pretty much forbid myself from posting any serious personal information, especially regarding my job, on Facebook. I've heard too many stories of folks losing their jobs (especially in my field) over a dumb mistake made through Facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    Yeah, true. But if you aint there, people suddenly become unable to know what you are up to and wont get any contact with you when somethings up. Its like we need device what you can carry around and be talk to someone thro space with it and then send messages and receive them with same method. Science, get on it.
    I believe it is called a cell phone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phuongvi View Post
    Myspace, all we had at the end was band music spamming or any other artistic spams.

    Now all I see in facebook are cute cats, posting about some random shitty quotes, duck faces and popular meme
    Sounds like reddit but with duck faces.

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