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    My 3 Pets

    Hey there guys i got a few questions but since i didnt see any thread about pets i just decided to ask here, im using 3 pets which are:

    - Pandaren Monk
    - Curious Wolvar Pup
    - Pheonix Hatchling

    Am i using the wrong pets for good pvp? should i exchange one for another? like aquatic or undead or mechanical something like that? or?

    Thanks very much

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    I just wonder why you have two humanoids in one team... If you come across someone who has a strong Beast type, you will be in for a bad treat. Try and switch the Curious Wolvar Pup with an Undead or a Mechanical pet, preferably Mechanical since Undead are weak to Critters and Critters are nearly -everywhere-. Also, Mechanicals do well against Beasts where your two Humanoids do not.

    This is just two cents from me though. Check out for better info; it will be a much better help.

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