Good evening folks, So I took a bit of a hiatus from wow months ago to get some things in order in my life. I recently acquired a new job and hope to build a new computer in a month or two once I am financially stable again. Lost my previous job to the damages brought fourth by hurricane Sandy. Mind you i quit wow before "Mists of Pandaria" was released. Anyway my plan is to get back into wow and I just wanted to know what is the state of hunters and prot/holy paladins and possibly tanking/ healing monks in the raiding scene and possibly pvp area of the game. I used to be a hardcore raider but time just wont really allow for more then possible casual/ semi hardcore experience. So feel free to chime in with your experiences with the state of the classes i have listed or other classes. I am open to suggestions of even leveling new classes. I have been following blue posts and the home screen of mmo champ each week but im looking for actual player experience about this stuff. Thanks for your time and info in advance.