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    Need HELP and SUPPORT for a contest anyone willink to help? :D

    Hello guys,

    Well Im in a contest of creating a character for a brand of brownies and I need votes so if anyone would vote for me it would REALLY Help me
    <snip> You can vote daily btw

    Anyways it Would really help me if you voted for me . Thanks beforehand and if you need more info just ask.

    To vote:
    1: get into the link
    2.Register to the FB page
    3. Click on the buttnon vote

    Thats it clean and simple
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    So in order to help someone I don't know, win a competition thats in a language I can't read, win a competition I know nothing about.... all I have to do is register with some company I have no information on, on facebook.

    I'm not really tempted so far... good luck though.

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    I'm afraid this falls under advertising, which is not allowed on our forums, so I'm going to have to snip the link and close the thread.
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