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    DMC Devil May Cry

    So anyone been playing this?

    Got it yesterday for PC. Completed on Devil hunter yesterday and nearly completed on Son of Sparda atm. Loving it! Though some enemies are annoying as shit on Son of sparda (fu ninjas).

    While i prefer the old dante i still like this one tbh.

    Also..give a button in the options to autoskip all cutscenes!

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    I can't give them my money after what they did to one of my favorite characters. : / I have no doubt that it's a fun game, but it's just.. not right.

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    It's fine, i was a die hard DMC fan. Once you get past the look it's fine, the gameplay is great for the most part.

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    Die hard....your telling me, above all its a really good game non-the-less the changes of Dante...i still enjoyed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidito View Post
    It's fine, i was a die hard DMC fan. Once you get past the look it's fine, the gameplay is great for the most part.
    wait until Laurcus comes into this thread if you want to see a dedicated fan!
    I'll probably pick up DMC in a year or so when it's $10-20

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    Dante was pissing me off till the middle of the game, then i started liking him, really.
    Great game, completed it on the easiest mode for like 7 hours, i guess (just finished my gaming marathon, lol)
    Enjoyed the story, even though i am unsure about the ending

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    DLing it now, I can't wait to play it for myself tomorrow. Watched the last two missions of the game on Twitch, game looks very promising. It seems that they actually didn't fuck up the entire game. It still looks and feels like playing any DMC game
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    Anyone that is avoiding this game because of Dante's new looks is sincerely missing out. This isn't just the best DMC game ever, it is honestly one of the best action games I've played in a loooong time. Ninja Theory really hit the nail on the head with this one. Of course, I was part of the vocal minority who thought Enslaved was stellar, too.

    Seriously though, an hour or two in and I'd already forgotten about Dante's looks. It just started That's just how this version of Dante is, and I started to like him more and more. I'm actually really appreciating the fact that Ninja Theory stuck it through and kept the look. It wouldn't be the same Dante if they had changed him before release. I also really liked Kat, but did anyone else think she kind of walked funny?

    Anyways, for gameplay it's pretty typical DMC. Hack and slash with awesome ground/aerial chained combos. Very pretty, very solid. I didn't really get the complaints about no lock on. For the most part with multiple enemies you spam Osiris anyways, and when I did have to single out a target amidst the chaos (like those flying cupid thingies) I had no trouble grabbing them with Arbiter. It was very fluid. My only complaint, really, is some of the controls didn't translate well (PC player here). I fell off ledges all the time trying to do the Shift + Q for the Osiris gliding thingy. And Z + C to activate Devil Trigger? Really? Regardless, pulling off a perfectly timed Demon Dodge and turning it into a SSSensational rating was a good feeling indeed.

    What stood out the most gameplay wise, though, was the platforming. Nothing special, necessarily, but the level design was so crazy and inspired that it just complemented the crap out of it. Truly amazing stuff. The boss battles, as well. The Bob Barbas fight was hilariously fun (in a very good way, no spoilers). Most of the boss fights in fact were bursting at the seams with personality. So much fun!

    Storywise, well...nothing special. I liked how they did Dante+Vergil, but you don't really play DMC for the story. It was crazy enough to keep the game going and that's good enough for me. It would have been nice if they went more into Kat's backstory but alas, it didn't really affect the game much for me. I mostly was just eager to get back to the slashing.

    TLDR; I really enjoyed DMC.

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    gameplay is okay,PC gets solid 60fps unlike console versions that only has 30 fps( but don't worry, it has the 'feel' of 60fps lol), the lack of lock-on is a negative for me, story is okay until mission 12, than it goes downhill and NT seriously fucked up my favorite character of the series: Vergil, now he looks like some rich guy with hacking skills, also i miss Dan Southworth's voice

    A good game but not nearly as good as the other DMC titles, except DMC2

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    If DMD is as difficult as it was in DMC 3 I'm buying it.

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    The newest Dante is really annyoing idiot, but the gameplay is easier and better, atleast thats what i heard, go watch Angry Joe's review, i think it clears everything
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    I really enjoyed playing DMC 3 and DMC 4(x-box 360) i finished the DMC 3 on hard? don't remember well and i finished DMC 4 on Dante must die. I'm looking foward to play but US 60 bucks for the game is harsh so i'll just buy a pirated version and if i really like i'll buy a year later or so when the price go down.

    I've a question if any of you that have played on Keyboard:

    Are the combos hard/clunky to execute on it? What are the keybindings too?

    Thanks in advance

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    New Dante is Sexy. Haters are going to hate.

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    I gave it 7/10 (my proper review with screenshots and video and stuff), I thought it was a pretty damn fun game, bit short and predictable though but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know what's up with all the hating on it, I'm not going to say it's the best game ever or anything but it's definitely entertaining, a lot of fun, and good quality - also getting a PC version that runs so well and has proper HD textures is always a big plus for me.

    I wasn't a big fan of the boss battles because the mechanics were repeated, just a personal preference - I don't like a fight that has multiple phases of rinse and repeat. The designs were awesome and the phase was fun the first time you did it, but doing the same thing 3 times when it takes 3-4 minutes per phase annoys me.... for actual concept though they were pretty awesome.

    Anyone on the fence or looking at all the angry reviews on metacritic should consider risking it, personally I'm recommending it to everyone. There's also a demo if you happen to have an xbox or ps3.

    New Dante = damn sexy.

    Are the combos hard/clunky to execute on it? What are the keybindings too?
    You can rebind the basic keybindings - I found them fine to be honest. I've got a controller and I tested it out just to see how the controls worked but I completed the game in the end on the keyboard without any major issues. Here's a screenshot if you want to see the keys.

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    Thank you so much great info and effort you put there very in-depth

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    Fun:Incredibly amazing combat.

    Character: ? --Dante, I miss you :/.
    Howay the lads!

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    I'm already with 13 hours, started with Nephilim and now i'm on mission 13 in Son of Sparda, game rocks. I don't know why, but i started liking the new Dante after some time.

    The port for PC is really great, games run 60fps + with a 5770.

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    I think the game is brilliant. People really need to get past the re designed Dante, I also have been a die hard fan of Devil May Cry, but don't get me wrong at first I didn't like the idea of the change but once you actually play it you grow to love him. Remember this is a even younger Dante, of course he is going to look different and also...


    You find out how he gets white hair and what happened to his parents. So you kind of see how he moulds into the Dante he is.

    Cry the last ending btw, it's ****ing impssibru.. you get killed in 1 hit and the enemies die in standard hits, trust me I've had about 200 pillow screaming/biting moments!

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    It's about a 6/10 for me. Really polished gameplay which should really be expected and the setting is actually pretty interesting, but the characters and story just suuuuuck.
    The characters are all pretty bland and forgettable and on the subject of bastardized characters, while Dante did get changed into a pretty boring and less interesting and appealing character, Virgil got royally screwed. Particularly from one scene which just made me sick. Really turned me off seeing what they did to a memorable and well liked character.

    Also this IS in fact an Alternate Universe. Not part of the original series so i took that into account.

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    I actually loved this game, I have played every single DMC before. Although I am not a true "die-hard" fan, I still have respect for the game, and find great interest in the characters. At first I hated this new DMC, I felt the guy was an asshole, he looked like a jerk and really all in all, he seemed horrible.
    I eventually decided to buy the game simply because I could And boy was I wrong.

    I think it is in Human nature to always hate those of the same gender who are stronger, leaner, more good looking and cocky. But once you begin to know this character, you start to find some more sides to him. He really starts to change throughout the game, and although he still sticks to his "fuck you" phrases, he actually changes his attitude and perspective towards the world. This really interested me, and all in all I welcome this new Dante and I cannot wait for his next game.

    Story aside the combat was FANTASTIC, it isn't even funny how right it feels to constantly be changing weapons in combat, they did such a great job with the combat, that every time I used a new weapon I was literally trying to hold in myself from screaming "HELL YEAH".

    I feel all those who complain about this new Dante really just did not finish the game and are just joining into the new "cool" thing to do, hate on the new Dante.
    I on the other hand embrace this change, and understand that this Dante is the future.

    Great job Ninja Theory.
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