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    Your favorite Raid trash?

    I've been thinking of ways Blizz has entertained me in raids other than just bosses. So whats your favorite/most memorable raid trash in any expansion and why.

    For me it would either have to be...
    1. The stair run after Halfus Wyrmbreaker in BoT. I loved how the fire elemental could come in and blow off some guildies if it was dragged to the side.
    2. Or the troll trash after Feng in MSV. The bombs tend to instantly kill some unsuspecting people standing right on top of them. Plus I get to ride the troll rush bounces on my goblin glider.

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    Has to be trial of the crusader... None

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    If you consider the whole vehicle portion of Ulduar pre Leviathan as trash then I would say that was kind of a fun diversion.
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    my favorite trash is the LFR hilariousness of HoF Part 1. Tanks don't know to not cleave tank and they like to get stunned and two shot by the frontal cone abilities. Hilarious that it happens more than once. Both tanks die... yet the rest of the entire raid stays alive.

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    Hyjal! It was the gift that kept on giving and if somebody fucked up badly enough and you wiped you got to do it all over again. Nothing like the shadowy necromancers picking off healers because cc was broken or ppl just screwed up. The frost wyrms were fun too if you hunter/lock had their heads up their asses.
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    i like the trash to mimiron where you get to ride the spiderbots. also, the firelands turtles provided some hilarity any time they were accidentally pulled. some people need to work on their mario 3 skills haha.

    oh and the elementals in AC's room. some good times were had wiping (or heroically not wiping) pulling that room.

    2nd edit, and most recently the trash leading up to Elegon. The first couple of weeks, before we could be bothered to actually learn how it worked, it felt like beating another whole raid boss. we steam rolled that place other than that hall of trash - most action packed encounter in the whole instance.
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    ICC...nothing special but I love that thrash

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    Pre-nerf Mimiron trash by far was my favorite

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    mimiron trash pre-nerf. that was fun

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    As a fire mage during wotlk, the Frost Whelps before Sindragosa, hitting 115k dps was so much fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    Has to be trial of the crusader... None
    This is my favorite also

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    Aw yeah Elegon trash is pretty fun. And of course who can forget Ultraxion trash :d.

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    Definitely Elegon trash. Especially lining up for the achievement.... even when everyone has it. Good times, good times.

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    For a tanks perspective, I really liked Firelands trash. I enjoyed being able to carve my own path.

    Off topic, eff some Ultraxion trash. I'd vote that for worst of all time.

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    Any trash that doesn't have a fucking knockback

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    thats's like saying what is your favorite fuel you want to be set on fire with..... but if i had to say trash of any kind it would be eligon trash. simply because if your dumb (like me) you have the chance of getting bitch slapped into the pit right in the boss encounter area. so it would just be for the lulz.

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    Best trash of all time would have to be the trash in Trial of the Crusader.

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    Throne of Four Winds probably...

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    Not to get all vanilla elite, c'thun trash. Painful and entertaining, a boss in itself.

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