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    Molten core *Lava packs*<3 Everyone always went afk when we started clearing them

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    Magister's Terrace. *Boot Fury Warrior* , brb getting a lock for more cc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smegmage View Post
    Not to get all vanilla elite, c'thun trash. Painful and entertaining, a boss in itself.
    Oh god, why did you make me remember that? As a raidleader, I've always received about 10 whispers from people that "suddenly need to go afk for a prolonged period of time" right after we finished distributing Twin Emp loot...

    Definitely most remembered but not the most loved.

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    Trash before Grobulus... frogger fails have always been hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
    Magister's Terrace. *Boot Fury Warrior* , brb getting a lock for more cc.
    But but but the warlock's fear does the same thing as my fear.
    No the lock only fears one target, you fear everything, also the warlock can banish, so bye bye!

    What if I quickly respec to prot?

    Yeah if you do that, then you can come.
    My name is Cernunnos, I will love you like no other, I have died a thousand deaths, each time I died I thought of you.

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    Trial of the Crusader!

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    Karazhan trash me thinks. Massive pulls! Especially the ballroom and Moroes' room.

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    Groups before Imperial Vizier Zor'Lok
    two words
    Cone-AOE + Melees

    otherwise I'd go with magisters terrace trash before they removed the knockback

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    Sunwell trash, before the first boss, hands down. Defeating it felt like an achievement. Coordinated CC, synchronised nuking on scouts etc. The only time I remember when trash drops felt... deserved.

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    The Dwarven Kings in Blackwing's Decent before Atramedes. :A

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    Ultraxion, that trash was soooo much fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smegmage View Post
    Not to get all vanilla elite, c'thun trash. Painful and entertaining, a boss in itself.
    But that trash wasn't hard, just way too much of it. The trash before twin emps was quite fun however, a few hard mobs rather than the hour of tedious clearing that the c'thun trash was.

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    TOC by far best trash.

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    It's strange Ulduar was mentioned only once,
    OFC the best trash is in Ulduar by far. Never got bored.
    (haven't played MOP yet, but starting soon, so we will see ;D)

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    Atramedes trash. A really nice concept, each of these packs being some kind of quick "council boss", and each time you faced them you needed to think exactly which one goes first, which one goes last. Loved those

    I also have great memories of those 2 Nerubian Viziers near Lady Deathwhisper in ICC. Don't know why, their mechanic was simple "run away from raid", but somehow they are one of the trademarks of ICC for me, along with Putricide or Saurfang.

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    The elementals in BoT before you fight the acendant council. Hell, I loved all the trash in BoT.

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    Murloc trash in SSC before mogrim.

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    Construct dudes in the Hall of Watchers in Ulduar (the ones in pairs that send the sparks to each other to overcharge)

    Dwarves before Atramades

    Firelands was cool too
    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Damnit hubcap, you are such a retard.
    Quote Originally Posted by mojusk View Post
    Oh, and stop being a "didn't do that in vanilla"-police. If we're doing something now that we didnt do back then, it's not because we had some sorta unwritten moral code back then, it's because we hadn't thought of it yet.

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    Sunwell trash before Kalecgos, Mimiron trash prenerf

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    AQ40 before twins and before C'thun.

    Fun times

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