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    The whelps right before Sindragosa! Peaking at 200k dps back at 80 was awesome.

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    i always afked on trash since bc. f that noise

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    I'm raiding for the bosses, not useless trash. It is there only to waste time :P
    So i have to agree with Totc, since there is nothing there.

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    lava packs in mc so it got noticed when dps was afking. the bug tunnel in aq40 after sartura. dragon whelps egg room in ubrs. za trash up to the bird boss. Spiders of Mar'li in zg who kept coming and webbing the raid all over the place. the trash+environment from ulduar freya . Last elemental in FL before raggy and also the trash trial going up to rhyolith

    Trash should be short but engaging. Or short and funny.
    Short and dull is fail and anything long too.

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    One of the most memorable trash for me was the first Icecrown Citadel trash, when Tirion begins his speech and is interrupted by the Lich King. The ambience music starts to play, you fight the trash and listen to Tirion and the Lich King.
    (search for Icecrown WalkG music on youtube, that's my favourite)

    Felt epic to me every time, even when the raidwide buff reached its height or when ICC was already a year out. (despite I almost got a burnout running 10/25 with multiple chars :P)
    It could simply not change my feeling when stepping into the first room and when the choir music starts.

    Raid music plays a very important part for me.

    Disclaimer: Playing since classic, however this ICC ambience described above just comes first to my mind.
    If OP meant favorite trash mechanic-wise and not ambience-wise, I'd need to reconsider...
    We are as God intended. Fallible, yet capable of great things.

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    i quite like the trash on the terrace where Garalon lands. Especially when you pull 3-4 packs at a time and everyone goes flying

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    AQ40 trash between Huhuran and The Twin Emps - bosses in themselves

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    I liked that set of two guards just before Magmaw. Mostly because we all ended up making macros for when someone died mid-fight... "Zhimii goes into a rage after seeing a friend fall in battle!" Good times. We kept those macros through Dragon Soul!

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    Icecrown Citadel. Really felt like a badass fortress of the Lich King.

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    Firelands turtles have to be my number one by far.... hilarious when you took new people to FL. Normally skipping them, but with newbies we would always do them...

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    - Sindragosa whelps

    - Trash before Ascendant council

    - Trash before Atramedes

    - The trash between Courator and Shade of Aran/Chess event (except for the magic immune wyrmlings), really felt like a journey.

    - Trash before Majordomo on 25man. All those cats. Pretty fun to multidot and still manage to avoid their leaps.

    - The trash in Naxx 40man was in general very well made. The same goes for Sunwell.


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    For me the trash in Naxx seems the least out of place, and perfectly themed with the sub-parts of the raid

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    Most trash in Ulduar. Even the trash was fantastic there... Some of them even require strategy, like the trash from Ignis!

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    Suspect I'm the only person who plays WoW to think this, but I loved the Trash in Freya's room. Trash required somewhat of a brain but wasn't stupid hard either, 3 mini bosses, the room looks gorgeous and the music is great too.

    Pretty much loved all of Ulduar's trash, the Dwarf that did Execution Sentence in BWD was pretty amusing and any trash with MCs (Blood Princes comes to mind) just for killing your mates
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    Elegon pre-trash is fun. There's even a trash achievement to go with them.

    I like a judicious amount of trash between bosses. It's nice to have a small encounter where there's very little chance of death, one or two people (the smokers) can go afk, and we can get the chitchat or pre-planning out of the way. And all raids should have a random chance for BoE purples from trash; it opens the possibility that even a night where your boss encounters don't progress you might still be able to gear up someone in the raid.

    It'd be nice if there was a way to reduce trash once you have an instance on farm - perhaps a guy at the entrance who you talk to, if you have the raid clear achievement, who announces your presence to the denizens of the dungeon and all the weakest mobs flee in terror of your name.

    Oh! Forgot my favorite trash ability - Lich Slap from ICC. Always fun.

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    Definitely the groups of three oozes in DS. Being a fire mage, there's nothing like having a good combustion and spreading it to many, many adds. And the ones that it didn't spread to got hit by a load of expiring living bombs, etc.

    Good times.

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    AQ40 before twins and before C'thun.
    The Trash before Fankris was awesome, especially on our First attempt. We ran thru, stood after the whole show on the safe spot, buffing, poting, last words from our Raid lead about Tactics and then came the Zerg

    One of our Shammies forgot a totem at the Start. It was Hilarious to see all the Mages hitting a faster run pot just to be the first one who could get a Blastwave in there ^^

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    I vote Mimiron's trash I remember that the first time we walked down that hallway we had to burn both of our Battle rezes and most of our raid cool downs. And we thought Mimiron was the easiest of the keepers beat our heads in on him for 2 weeks then proceeded to 1 shot the last 3 lol we were very misinformed. I also loved the bombs that you could kill unsuspecting raid members with.

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    Best trash was the stuff that really needed thinking. There were decent ones, some mentions:
    Sunwell trash to Kalecgos, eg the Scout packs. A lot of fun
    The Vanilla Zul'gurub ones were awesome. Zandalara Axethrowers anyone? (although they became more annoying in tbc/wotlk when people went solo into those places)
    Magtheridon trash was good.
    Black temple trash towards Bloodboil was ok.
    As someone already said: the Blackwing Descent Dwarfs before Atramedes. (The dragons in the middle were also challenging)
    AQ40 trash right at the start .. the 4 big statues.
    Blackwing lair had some nice ones (not the suppression room no, althought that was different)

    Hyjal ofc was the worst ever. Mindboggingly dull aoe fest.

    Reading up i see most of the stuff i listed is from Vanilla / TBC. Hmm. I guess trash really has become a mindless aoe grind which is never was before.

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    Favourite trash pack was the whelps right before Sindragosa.

    Least favourite was the pack right before that, with the waves of Nerubians and Frost Vykruls.

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