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    Track & Announce Interrupts


    I'm looking for an addon that allows me to set up a bunch of interrupts, for example, player1, player2, player3 and then all those players (who also have this addon) will be alerted when they have to interrupt the target. Kind of an interrupt planning and warning addon.

    Anyone knows something like that?

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    InterruptManager used to, not sure if it's still updated. Curse used to have it.

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    You can also have your raiders create a macro for it if you can't find a working addon. Although if they spam the interrupt it can get slightly annoying with all the chat messages.

    Something like:
    /cast Kick
    /s Kiezo Interrupted. Draeblin you are next!

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    What I did was that I made a WeakAura with a beep sound when someone /w me during combat. (Can be changed to a specific player too), so when I am interrupting I just tell the player before me to make a /w macro. And role of thumb, if you're on CD, it's usually not your turn. Hope it helps

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