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    FPS Droppage in MSV

    Hey Guys.

    I need to get an answer for an issue im having. Ever since MoP was released, when i get to Spirt Kings in MSV my fps goes from 25 to 9 Fps and that is on Low settings. Its not a virus/malaware problem or maybe it is and AVG and Malawrebytes can't pick it up. Every time i run scans they come u
    up clean.

    Hope to get this issue fixed before Sunday night.

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
    AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 445 Processor 3.10 GHz
    4 GB DDR3
    I TB Hard Drive
    NVIDIA GeForce 9200
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    have you ever tried to do it without addons at all? ( like remove the interface folder and the wtf folder from the wow folder) (not delete it... just move it somewhere else so that you can restore it later)

    then delete your cache folder (dw... its just info on things like items/creatures/npcs that you have interacted it it will slowly fill up again) (think of it as a faster way for you to check on items/mobs instead of downloading it from the server) (and keep in mind, besides addons, there's notting on your wow client that can "disrupt your account stuff)
    I know its cliché but still.... 5 min and you can test it =)

    After that, have you ever tried to repair WoW? might help...

    If everything else fails, reinstall WoW...

    It seems to me that its either some addons or something wrong with wow files on your computer... all the info your PC is using in that fight is also used in all pandaria one way or another... therefore might be a corrupted file of some sort.

    Its just the spirit kings? does it also happens in LFR?

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    Alright I've deleted WTF, Cache and Interface folders, i will see what happens tonight during raid if not ill reinstall tomorrow. Its not just Spirit Kings its Elegon and Will as well and i dont know about LFR i barely run it.

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