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    Thinking of Resubbing

    I haven't played since the Crusader's Colosseum patch in WoTLK, and I was hoping to get some feedback from the community here before I go plunging headfirst back into the game. I hear the game has taken a turn for the better since Cataclysm. Here's some questions I have:

    1) I probably only have 2-3 hours to devote to the game on a daily basis. Do raiding guilds still exist, or does the game revolve around raid finder now?

    2) What's PVP like now? I hear world PVP has picked up with the advent of cross-realm PVP zones. Is everything still arena centric in terms of gear? How are class imbalances shaking out this expansion?

    3) What's the population like (I only roll PVP servers)? Should I roll a high-pop server? Is horde still dominating PVP servers? How are the queues?

    4) What's the leveling experience like from 1-90? Is it worth leveling a new class?

    5) Is the story/lore getting better or worse? I thought cataclysm was horrible in that regard.

    Thanks for your time everyone. I really do appreciate it.

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    1) Thats heaps of time to play. Raiding guilds definately still exist but raid finder would probably fit your schedule better.

    2) PvP is a bit of a mixed bag, they are trying to get things more balanced but its much the same as usual.

    3) No server queues for my server, high pop. Horde supposedly win more BG's but not by much. Lots of pug rated BG groups going as well. Pvp queues are reasonably short, instance queues are very short for healers, longer for tanks and dps.

    4) The leveling from 1-60 is really quick and all the redone zones are really good. 60-80 is same old, The new pandaria zones are fairly smooth to level in. does take some time to do 85-90 tho.

    5) Pandaria lore is more involved than in the past. Not as good as wotlk but still far superior to the horror that was Cata.

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    1) Yes of course raiding guilds are still a thing, though naturally the less time you have on your hands the more casual a raiding experience you'll end up with. Same as has always been the case.

    2) Since you haven't played since wrath, i suppose the biggest change for you will be that Rated Battlegrounds are now a thing. It's exactly what it sounds like, and from a reward perspective it's arguably ahead of arenas at the moment.

    3) Not qualified to answer this, i play on a pve server.

    4) Personal opinion obviously, but i think the leveling experience is rather good now. The cataclysm revamp of all the old zones did wonders for the 1-58 zones. The 59-85 part really hasn't changed much, and opinions surrounding 85-90 vary immensely.

    5) Depends what you like i suppose. The whole not having a main antagonist thing lets them focus on several storylines at once, though they all have things that connect them together in some way or another. Without knowing what you enjoy in your lore it's really tough to say, but if you level from 85-90 while paying attention to quests etc you'll know by the time you reach max level whether your going to enjoy it or not.

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    Thanks Splatter, and Galad.

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    one more thing to add, with Cross realm zones world pvp is alive and fairly strong on pvp servers these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splatter View Post
    one more thing to add, with Cross realm zones world pvp is alive and fairly strong on pvp servers these days
    Is world PVP worthwhile? World PVP in WOTLK was almost pointless. I heard the same thing about Cataclysm, too.

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    1. My guild only raids 2-3 hours a day, 3 times a week. Plenty of time to down content.
    2. Getting better balance wise, but it'll never be perfect.
    3. Idk.
    4. I hate leveling, but the 85-90 grind is decent.
    5. Better imo. Will be over 9000 come next patch.

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    1. Absolutely. In fact, it seems the vast majority of guilds, including ones that complete content, only raid about 9 or less hours a week, and a lot of them only raid for 3 hours at a time. There is a new raid coming up soon and it's fairly promising so far.

    2 and 3. I haven't pvped hardcore since TBC, but there are plenty of horde dominated pvp servers. Nothing has changed in that regard.

    4. Cata made 1-60 a more enjoyable experience as they revamped the old world, and it takes less than 24 hours /played time to hit 60 on a new toon, at least it did for me. Thereafter not much has really changed, Wrath and Cata have since had their leveling experiences reduced like they did for TBC leveling post-expansion. MoP leveling the first time I would say would take you about an average of 15 hours. Whether or not you want to play a new class and thus level a new toon is up to you, but I would say it's well worth your time if you want to return long-term.

    5. MoP lore and questing is pretty decent and actually ties in vs the randomass shit thrown together in Cata.

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    If your account has been inactive for so long you should get some to 'Scroll' you. (free level 80 + realm/faction xfer)

    The game has literally too much to do now, its the first expansion where I cap on dailies and sit here thinking 'wtf'.

    You should roll a toon on a high pop realm, yes you will get Q times but once you login it's great.

    Levlelling sucks dick, even with the Looms/perks available its fast but it's still slow. The old zones have been redesigned though and there's some great quests.

    1-85 is easy, 85-89 is intentionally a grind, 89-90 is a few hours.

    There is a lot to discover/explore in MOP. It's the best Xpac since TBC.

    A lot of people have cited the Deathwing Storyline to be good. I'm not a fan of lore, I just want purples and to have fun.

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    1. raiding guilds definitely still exist, if you have an 85+ toon use wowprogress.com to find a guild on your server or just gear up to 460+ hit up LFR for more gear then try getting into a pug, watch tankspots guides for more info on the encounters before going into a normal mode raid! http://www.youtube.com/user/zamofficial

    2. world pvp has picked up a bit - most decent gear is arena based though RBGs and random BGs are still there. Very much gear dependant tbh however gearing up isn't that difficult even via 2s. Bit too much CC out there at the moment though once you get into it it's not so bad unless you come up against a great player/team really using their cds.

    3. wowprogress.com again can help if you go to realms and then look at populations and server balance etc (would give direct link but its down atm) a bit though I'd honestly reccomend going a medium pop realm so that you can easily get in and out well without too much ganking, if you want to play in favour of a pvp side use the website to figure out whats best for you but honestly its personal preference. I just play with the guilds I want to, server/faction isn't a factor for me.

    4. its pretty fun 1-60, 60-80 a bit of a drag but from 80-90 really good, if you have an 80+ i wouldn't bother getting a new toon right away if not learning a new class is a great way to become a better player with keybinds etc

    5. Pandaria lore is really good imo, I'm not super into lore but this has drawn me in
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    The posters above have pretty much covered everything and I agree with them. I'd just quickly like to add that if you do roll a new toon without having a pvp geared 90 first, expect to be camped quite a bit. I would say that it's almost worth it though just to experience the new 1-60 zones, they really are fun to level through compared to back in the dark ages.
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