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    can we have a subforum for megathreads?

    because whenever i ask a question in the video game forums that isnt listed in a megathread if it isn't answered within a day or so it usually gets pushed down into the second page where it falls into oblivion and goes unanswered. i also feel there are way too many megathreads but just enough to justify a subforum for them. seriously almost the entire first page is megathreads.(feel free to merge this into the other thread about video game forum if needed i didn't want to hijack the other thread but i dont want to make unneccesary threads but yet i felt this needed its own thread.)
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    For me its pretty annoying to pretty much only see megathreads in the video game subforum. And most of the time it are just 2 same people talking, sometimes they just respond after each day. The megathreads just keep getting bumped up.

    You got my vote for a subforum for these threads.

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    Agreed. The same thing is happening in the 'Fun Stuff' forum because there are ongoing megathreads targeted at children permanently at the top. When someone tries to make a fun thread you get children butting in with childish comments and memes that don't contribute in any way whatsoever.

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