View Poll Results: What is your sexual orientation

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  • Straight Female

    14 6.31%
  • Straight Male

    151 68.02%
  • Bisexual Female

    9 4.05%
  • Bisexual Male

    25 11.26%
  • Gay Female

    4 1.80%
  • Gay Male

    19 8.56%
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    Quote Originally Posted by TradewindNQ View Post
    I used to live next to two Lesbians, nicest people ever. They bought me a Timex. Thoughtful and all but I don't think they understood what I meant when I said "I wanna watch" when they asked me what I wanted for my Birthday.
    Oh wow haha, reminds me of stifler in AP2 9/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispotter View Post
    but you can see how this poll may back it up.
    I can't, but that might be because I'm aware of sampling bias, self-response bias and this little activity known as lying on the internet.

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    I'm a gay male but I do know a couple of bi people (both girls). One is more of an omnisexual though, while the other is more just curious I think.
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    Wheres the "I dont really know" option ?

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    Woah, I feel so under-represented now - Lesbians where ya'll at?! :O
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    Sexuality threads don't go very long before everyone's flaming everyone else, which is why they aren't allowed. Closing.

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