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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    Wow Drunk patch notes:
    All class nerfs will be done on a single server so we can compare to the norm (Sorry, Lightbringer).
    Taurens and worgens are now skinnable.
    The new Warchief Is an Undead Gamon, you are able to cannibalize him for free health.
    All flying mounts now work like the Joust quests in Mount Hyjal.
    New Pandaren Children's Week achievement: grow a beard.
    Night elves will henceforth no longer be sissies.
    All trolls are dead and players that roll trolls will be there evolved form, Bloodelves.
    Gnomes can now double-jump, wall-jump, and smash bricks with their heads.
    Tauren realize their goals have always been more in line with the Alliance.
    Gnomes Switch to Horde Scared of the punting Taurens.
    Blizzard is sorry about Gnomes and hence forth be named G???
    Lich King comes back as a secret Raid boss in Thunder King.
    Draenei's are lost yet again.
    Death Knights:
    Death Knights now take damage from healing. To balance, DPS classes can damage them to restore health.
    You are now able to cannibalize a death knight.
    Can now shapeshift into a worgen hunter.
    If hunters tame themselves they have clones of the,selves with stampede.
    Has squishy clown feet to negate stealth but since every plays with stealth this is effect no one.
    Can only cast spells while screaming their desired spell name. All spells can only be casted by using your races language of the spell.
    Now allowed to tame druids again.
    All hunter pets must be trained up from pups to adult via pet battles.
    You can only tame a Level 1 Druid.
    New spec that makes totems=hats
    Enchantment can now go tankspec dualwielding shields.
    No longer to enter raids on Sunday or any Football Day.
    No longer to enter raids on Sunday or what you would call Football Day.
    Shadow priest with guitars are exempted from this restriction.
    Inb4 someone believes these and makes a hate or I quit post about it lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Servasus View Post
    He's also not going to tell us straight up if Demon Hunters are planning to be made in a future expansion.

    A.) Should Demon Hunters not come in the NEXT expansion, people will interpret that as "BUT GC SAID WE'D GET DEMONHUNTERZ" and 'cause a large stampeding roar of morons on the forums.
    B.) A new class is a major sell-point of an expansion if it's one of the main features. They won't reveal a new class is coming until they reveal the expansion in which it's coming first. That's just how it is.
    C.) Do you REALLY think we need another class so soon after receiving our 11th class in WoW? Monks are far from being even remotely "in a good place" mechanically. Do you really want them to have yet another class to balance when so many of the pre-existing classes haven't even found a solid gamestyle yet?

    Demon Hunters could work. I'm not denying that. They play well in Diablo III. But for God's sake, leave GC the hell alone about them. He's not going to give you a straight up answer about it one way or the other. The most I doubt we'll ever get about new possible classes is a "Well I wouldn't COMPLETELY rule it out. Anything is possible."
    You seem to be under the impression I said something I didn't. Stop doing that.

    I just covered every possibility you just listed without claiming he was leaning towards either direction one way or the other.
    I never said he revealed anything. I said he was so vague it could be construed that either he is hiding their existence or that he is covering with a vague answer just in case they might someday in the future happen by some slim chance and he isn't going to commit to an answer.

    So we agree.

    So why do you imagine this straw man argument in the place of my own words that you just beat down? That's a fallacy.

    And if you think simply asking GC a follow up question is hounding him, maybe you need to calm down and step away from the issue. Nobody is hounding him. Twitter is there for communication.
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    i want taurens for the alliance


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