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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    I filled them with water to have something to play wiz. Like a durable water balloon.

    And not sure! I know at least like 4 occasions they gave us all condoms in school
    Rubbers are actually useful for a lot of things besides their intended use. They make excellent water bladders for carrying water around (backpacking, camping, etc.)
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    I also do landscaping on weekends with some mexican kid that I "hired". He's real good because he's 100% obedient to me and does everything I say while never complaining. He knows that I am the man in the relationship and is completely submissive towards me as he should be.
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    Crissi the goddess of MMO, if i may. ./bow

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    I have as an adult, not used condoms in a long time though, never liked them. Gf got it covered... until she hasn't. ;P
    I used to get mine for free from the school clinic next door when I was in my teenage years, so back then it was no need.
    The nerve is called the "nerve of awareness". You cant dissect it. Its a current that runs up the center of your spine. I dont know if any of you have sat down, crossed your legs, smoked DMT, and watch what happens... but what happens to me is this big thing goes RRRRRRRRRAAAAAWWW! up my spine and flashes in my brain... well apparently thats whats going to happen if I do this stuff...

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    its normal to buy condoms, like i buy cigarettes or coffee at the supermarket. in fresh relationship i used to buy them on a weekly basis, later if u have a stable relationship u can trust on other means of not causing pregnancy and ave no need to protect yourself / your partner from possible diseases. sometimes the person at the check gives u an eye, and wishes u fun. thats about it.

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    they're a sign of being responsible, nothing more. why get embarassed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humbugged View Post
    Implying store clerks are actively paying attention/care about what their customers are buying (Ive spent too much time in retail as a kid).

    I bought them once, they were a industrial pack of like 100 of them. Being the promiscuous little ass I used to be, I figured I'd of used them all by the end of the summer.

    I still had half the box by the time I left my parents house almost 6 years later.
    This used to happen at the video store I frequented as a brand new adult who was finally able to go in the back room for porn movies. This was all before the internet was common. I would get looks of disgust from the girl at the front counter. I did ask her why, if she had a big deal with people renting porn, did she work there? After that I used to rent the ones with the most shocking titles just to see her reaction.

    But back on topic, yes I buy condoms all the time. I feel as a man it is my responsibility not to spread my seed around if I do not want kids.

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    Yeah, I buy them in stores. I just grab them with whatever else I'm off to buy without much care. I'm in my own little world anyway so I just get it over with to avoid any awkward moments or fancy remarks about it.

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    I don't understand the embarrassment either.

    Unless you're a 14 year old girl and your 19 year old boyfriend is in the car waiting while you pay with daddy's money.
    "There are two types of guys in this world. Guys who sniff their fingers after scratching their balls, and dirty fucking liars." -StylesClashv3
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    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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