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    Heroic Imperial Vizier help!

    Hello everyone! We worked on heroic vizier 10m tonight easily got into p2 pretty much every attempt (We have phase 1 down easy) however that's where we are stuck like everyone else. What should the p2 strategy / positioning look like (we had no idea wtf we were doing at all)? And should we kill the Echo or just leave it up? We have about 5 mins left on enrage going into p2 and were saving lust for p2 obviously.

    Blood DK / Protadin

    Hpal / Disc

    Frost dk / ele sham / mage / lock / rogue / boomkin

    Here are the logs for our attempts http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-rl...ses&boss=66791

    Thanks for your input!

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    echo/boss position is pretty much move them across the room from each other
    after that you can decide to kill the echo or not depending on your group.
    imo it seems to make it easier to kill the echo, depends on your groups dps. if your dps is really high you can just burn the boss down.

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    For 10 and progressing on 10 I would suggest burning the echo then just doing the boss as you normally would

    You can choose to either outrange the discs or dance them like normal, its up to your raid really... for the outrange tactic I would suggest pulling the boss to the entrance stairs at the start of p2, letting him spawn the echo, then running the boss to the other end of the room

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    Positioning: If you kill the echo, put the two relatively close together. Dodge the first two attenuations, then you will get force and verve followed by echo attenuation, use this time to kill the echo.

    If you don't kill the echo, then put the echo inside a corner pocket (one of the two near the convert platform), and move the boss across the room to the entrance stairs; then your raid should be far away from the echo so it won't have to deal with its attenuation, while your echo tank and healer dodge the echo attenuations and deal with the force and verve.

    Whether you kill it or not:

    Surprisingly, "high DPS" does not equal "ignore echo" - the reason guilds had to ignore the echo was that it made beating the boss berserk timer significantly easier, while not making the fight that much harder.

    If you have super-high DPS, you can just kill the echo quickly and still make the berserk timer. If your DPS is lower, you should ignore the echo.

    The fight isn't really much harder either way, but the echo tank/healer have to survive force and verve which can be tough compared to the raid's job. If you kill the echo, everyone more or less has it easy - it just becomes like normal mode at that point.

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