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    Lookin' for a good spot to farm Cartel rep for The Insane! Any suggestions? :D

    Heya! As you saw in the topic title, I'm looking for somewhere to farm Cartel rep for The Insane! Now, I'd love to use that one piratey spot just south of the Arena... but it doesn't work solo. In fact, none of the spots I've seen really work alone - they all use a group or a hell of a lot of running. What I'm looking for and hoping exists is a spot where it'd be okay for me to just watch netflix whilst Blood Boiling my way to Exalted. Any suggestions? And yes, I know this is me being lazy, but i just can't bring myself to spend that many hours staring at the same freaking hill//patch-o-beach.

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    then you obviously dont deserve the tittle "the insane"
    sadly you do have to stare and grind tedious rep. thats why its the insane..

    Ravenholdt rep alone.. = 5 rep each kill from hated to you do the math
    then you have to turn in Junk boxes, which are aquired from pick pocketing mobs in BRD..
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