Name: Michael Miller

Age: 27

Race: Half Human, Half High elf
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin(Vindicator)

Languages: Common

Faction: None

Personality: A man who believes like the scarlet crusade that his actions and deeds are just so the light will not forsake him, a cruel vindictive man who will take the law into his own hands. He will not hesitate to destroy his enemies. He follows the Alliance because he loathes undead,orcs, and goblins finding them to be a blight on the world but he is not a member of the Alliance.

Likes: He loves to manipulate his enemies until they break, he loves war and violence, and his childhood horse Cale, and he loves Chaos
Dislikes: Anyone who gets in his way, goblins, undead, orcs, Garrosh Hellscream, Thrall for appointing him, and his family

Appearance: A tall man from his elven side,with a hulking body(really buff), with shorts ears that have point, stunning blue eyes, a long scar running from the top of his head to the bottom of his cheek on the right side vertically, and a tight pony tail

Strengths: His knowledge of pain, His pure strength, his knowledge of weapons, the knowledge of the light he learned.
Weaknesses: Being stripped of everything, being paralyzed, the light leaving him, and he doesnt take defeat well at all

History: Michael was born to a high elven mother, and a human father in the hills of Arathi, his father was an abusive drunk who went out in the morning sober, killed animals, sold them and came home drunk. His father Desmond Miller was an abusive man, he would come home and beat Michael to teach him to be a man. Michael was scarred by his father when he broke a bottle over his head. When Michael was 7 he found a horse he named Cale, after the hero in the stories his mother told him. When he was 8 he got sick of being abused he ran on cale for 5 days hunting along the way, on the sixth day he met a man in a robe, this man was a paladin, he took in Michael. The paladin was Joseph Flintree, he taught Michael for 10 years teaching him the ways of the paladin. The day before Winters Vale, he came back to camp with a present he had bought for his master, a cloak. But when he came up he noticed a man, his master was face down dead. Before Michael knew it he was ontop of the man clubbing him to death with a stone, he took his masters circlet, his armor, and the cloak he had bought, the revenge felt so good he knew what he had to do. He mounted Cale and rode to Arathi, he slammed the door open to his father sober, his father jumped up "You took my wife what more do you want!", Michael didnt listen to the words as he grabbed his fathers neck and threw him on the table. "You must suffer for what you have done Desmond" he tied down his father and pulled from his hip a large bottle of liquor and dumped it onto his father. He heard his father screaming No and grinned, his father never listened to him, so he wouldnt listen. "Goodbye...father" he threw a flaming stick onto his father igniting him. He walked away the wooden shack went up as he rode away the screams of his father still echoed in his brain. He rode to westfall to meet man he had met through his master, his master had never got to each him the sword, the man was an excellent weapons men, and he decided to learn from the best. He learned weapons for 5 years and was a quick learner, while in westfall he heard bandits where attacking a farm, he rode there and met face to face with Randolph Starr, a bandit leader in the parts for sometime. He and Randolph fought long and hard, Randolph defeated him. Randolph then made the biggest mistake of his life, he let him live. He returned to his master trained for another year. Then heard that Randolph was in a farm just south,He knocked out Randolph then he kidnapped Randolph. Randolph woke up in the abandoned lighthouse, he heard the foot steps as he lay strapped down, "You seem to be confused... Well, my name is justice...I think its time we met".
Then he felt a hand on his forehead then a searing pain. "You see...light can be used as an excellent torture device...did you know that?", He rubbed sand into the burn making it hurt worse. "I think I'll let you starve to death, but first" he cut off the mans pinkie and jammed it into his eye. Michael then left, he decided he would travel the world dispensing justice.