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    Gearing alternative healer for heroic raiding.... disc worth it?

    So I play a resto shaman with a holy pally counterpart in 10 man raiding and some fights resto shamans are just garbage on besides the fact we have HTT.... and some of those same fights Disc Priests are amazing at. Seeing this is the case I started leveling my lvl 80 priest so we'd have him ready to swap out if needed (I plan on gearing him fully in at least 496 before 5.2 lands) but I guess my question is..... is this worth it with all the nerfs? I didnt realize they were coming until today when I read a little bit on this forum.

    We have a Feral cat with a great resto offspec but I guess I'm curious if Disc priests are that good going forward for people on the PTR and is it worth my time or should we just have someone level a monk instead?

    Any thoughts/considerations would be helpful , thanks!

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    Yes, disc is worth it.

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    Yes its whorth it, the nerfs are comming in because disc are ridicolously overpowered at the moment, we will still be more than viable.

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    Disc is a pretty great addition to any healing comp really, since absorbs are great. Also, atonement can help with some tight enrage timers, and trivializes some fights (Elegon, WindLord P2, Garalon)

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