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    No, the prices are ridiculous in my opinion. Plus I have a few choice words I love to throw around while playing multiplayer games. Something tells me they wouldn't want to hear that.

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    Something like this is expensive to keep going also. Need to have how many copies of each new game avail?

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    Voted yes until I saw the pricing.

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    Shit looks expensive. The monthly pass seems worthless.
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    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
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    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    This idea - hourly rate + Adults + Drinks + food = better idea. Games is the allure food and drink is the money.

    This place I think the idea is, it was said it was in a mall, is to get kids who go shopping with their parents to dump them off here. Modern arcade concept. The reason for the death of the arcade beyond just console gaming, was the games were lower in quality and more expensive to switch out. Here its the same concept in hours at 50 bucks + some sort of licensing agreement (possibly) and charge a lot. parents love to dump their kids and kids hate to shop with their parents. I wouldn't be blown away if they started selling used games as well.
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