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    i didnt cry when my grandma or my grandpa died so no.
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    Hmm, I'd don't think you are, heck sometimes I try to imagine if a friend died, what I would do and feel, I'm a very emphatic person, however when my current girlfriend almost left me, she didn't know I loved her... I cried, like I never done before, worst day of my life.

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    I didn't cry at my grandmothers funeral either, but I still felt sad.

    It's kinda weird though. A sad movie can make me shed a tear, but my grandmothers funeral didn't.

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    My grandpa killed himself a few months ago. I couldn't cry. I was haunted by this image of him pulling up a chair and jumping out the window (he lived on the 9th floor) for a few days though. At the funeral itself, I didn't cry either but there was this general horrible indescribable feeling that I had there though. I think I was pretty borderline on crying.

    So yeah, we're pretty much the same although I can't objectively say we're quite normal. I don't really know, I'm a bit biased because I've got Asperger's Syndrome which entails a lack of empathy towards other people.

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    Nothing wrong with that. I have been to varies funerals to family members that I like a lot, but not a single drop of tear, and next day life goes on all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celltrex View Post
    No, you are less selfish than the average human being. When my grandfather I didn't shed a tear, but I was even really upset to see my dad tearing. I too cannot cry at funerals, unless they are my mother, father and brother.

    You aren't a psychopath, and the greatest evidence for this is the fact that this issue concerns you.
    We can close it here, it's as close as the truth can get.

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    Normal *shrugs*

    I dont cry for others peoples deaths as long ago i accepted death as part of life, to me its not sad.
    Thus i avoid funerals, it sickens me how much crying goes around, but that is a very personal thing, someone losing the ability to walk, or an arm, or his/her eyes will make me far more sad than death :P

    Anyway you are ok, considering you had time to get yourself ready for it

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    The fact that you felt bad is enough. Question is if you wanted to cry because you felt bad about losing your grandmother or because you thought it was expected of you.

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    Buried my Mom, my Dad, 2 Grandma's and a Grandad. Not cried at any funeral yet but now any Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks films tend to make me sob uncontrollably during emotional climaxes....doesn't matter if it's happy or sad I start weeping regardless. Wept during Never Let Me Go aswell but don't think that's related. Either way I'm sure you will be fine.

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    ...all those teary soap operas are not a good thing you know...sorrow is not measured as liquids
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celltrex View Post
    You aren't a psychopath, and the greatest evidence for this is the fact that this issue concerns you.
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    You are crying for attention right now by creating a thread with a totally exaggerating title.

    So nope you are an ordinary flower not a special one.

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    As have been stated before emotions and how they're expressed is completely individual, so you have nothing to worry about. On the subject of being affected I had a similar experience with the whole not quite grasping the concept of death in the shock when my grandmother passed. However, at the funeral, when I saw the pain in my grandfathers eyes I completely lost it, could barely breathe and my heart actually physically ached.

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    Emotions are strange things, i never cried at my friends funeral in 2011 yet i expected i would but in the end the tears didn't come. Yet when i fell out with my best friend and girlfriend a few weeks ago and found out she had met someone else already i cried two weeks on and off most nights too. I guess our brain works in mysterious ways, i gave up predicting mine some time ago lol .

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    quite frankly OP it seems like you have the same problem as I do, though mine has shown up a lot. we just have these emotional walls that have been built up to keep us in our comfort zones while everything else is blocked out from our reactions. I don't like feeling like it either but it takes a lot of time and effort to manage to take it down, just know that with effort, you can come to terms with it and you CAN change those walls.
    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratatat999 View Post
    Hello guys, I've got a weird question.

    Two weeks ago my grandmother died, and when I was on funeral I couldn't cry, I was 1st time in my life on a funeral (Im 21 y/o) and I have to say I really liked my grandmother, but I just couldnt drop a single tear, I even wanted to cry because I had a bad feeling when everybody was crying and I was maybe the only one who wasnt, It was really a weird feeling.

    Am I some kind of psychopat or sick person?
    Nope! You are perfectly fine! Maybe your mind was full of things that distracted you from getting sad enough. Like you said you wanted to cry. And you were thinking it would be wierd if you didnt cry since everyone else cried. Or if she had be suffering the last few weeks then maybe it was a relief that she finally got to released from that pain and could go to rest.

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    You are not a psychopath or a sick person at all.. at least not because of this I can tell People just react different or handle with these things on their own way. When I was at the funeral of my grandmother I couldn't cry either, but then, a few weeks later, I suddenly felt really sad about it and cried, I think I was 14 at that age or something.. Also, when another person close to me died, I didn't cry at all. But this doesn't make anyone a psychopath or something.. Emotions and expressing them is different for everyone

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    Hah! that's nothin...when I was 15, I slept with this girl in the bushes on the way to my friend's house, afterward I went to my friend's and found he'd shot himself in the face in the night. Yah, I found em....anyways, I felt terrible, but I couldn't cry. And everyone was worried b/c I had a slight smile on my face though I felt terrible that my bestie had died and I found him slumped over the barrel.
    Anyways, bad time for the 'just got laid face', everyone thought I was really fucked up.
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    Well seing that you did like her, as you described, maybe you just werent very close to her.

    I didn't cry when my mother died, not 1 tear back then or now. You can't help people inn her situation sadly.
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    I never cried when my relatives died, even when I was little. I'm not sure I really felt "sad" either. I was just pretty much indifferent... Of course I'd prefer they were still alive and I'd like to have felt sad but the reality is I don't think I do.

    I don't want them to have died, but I'm not really sad that they did.

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