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    "Easy" or "hard" are mostly matters of opinion, and in leveling it doesn't really matter. All three specs work just as well for it, because it's, well, leveling, i.e. by definition not the challenging content of the game. In raids, all three specs can be challenging depending on the fight, because all have a variety of mechanics with which to min-max. Wrath destro was also not really much easier than demonology.

    DoT specs are overrated in difficulty. Yes for utter newbies they are harder, but once you know how to play the game they're not. For leveling I went with demo, but destro also has powerful AOE potential and also served me well. Explore all three and see which suits your style.

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    I have always found Affliction to be the easiest spec, but that's assuming you have some decent DoT Timers.

    Destruction is the most fun, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugajak View Post
    Context Wolfen...

    OP: any of them should be reasonably easy, but you'll pull "good enough" numbers to solo/LFR with the easiest as Destruction, following the methods mentioned above. Immolate is up, conflag when you can, incin spam, then DS/Chaos spam. Swap to shadowburn at 20%. Take Grimoire of Sacrifice so you don't have to manage a pet. Your entire play (not 100% or anywhere near it, but "good enough") can be condensed to 5-6 buttons with minimal attention. RoF for AoE, life drain or any other AoE (including our "make my next spell AoE" ember) optional.
    sorry. =( when i teach someone to play, I try to teach them right way first time through. didnt try to make it, bad sounding, as I have seen people do exactly that, and then ask me how I am pulling better numbers then them, while they have better gear =\

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    As others have said, all of the specs are reasonably easy when just playing them but significantly more challenging to master. Here's a "bare bones" rotation for all three specs (basically what the "Core Abilities" section reads):

    Affliction: Keep your three DoTs (UA, Agony, Corruption) applied to your targets. Cast Haunt on your primary target and fill with Malefic Grasp.

    Demonology: Keep your two DoTs (Corruption, Doom) applied to your targets. Cast Hand of Gul'dan off cooldown. Cast Soul Fire with MC Procs. Use Metamorphosis at high Demonic Fury. Fill with Shadow Bolt or Touch of Chaos (Meta).

    Destruction: Keep Immolate applied to your targets. Cast Conflagrate off cooldown. Cast Chaos Bolt when you have Burning Embers. Fill with Incinerate.

    Pet: Use the Felguard for Demonology, Felhunter for the other two specs, solo with the Voidwalker. Go with whatever Grimoire you like for now.

    Cooldowns: Try using Dark Soul on cooldown (as much as you can). If it's coming up (say, 30 sec remaining on CD) try to save some of your resources for it.


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    Destruction is very similiar to 'the common caster spec'. Affliction is very unique because of malific grasp and parademic. Demonology is extremely unique because of how meta weaving, meta dot amplifying (shadowflame and corruption) and lining up cooldowns/ressources works.

    Personally I would keep away from demonology if I was you, because the aoe rotation, pet management, cooldown management, ressource management and meta weaving makes the spec a lot more complicated than most other PvE DPS specs. It took me much longer to learn how to properly play demonology than any other warlock, warrior, rogue, priest, mage, DK and Paladin DPS spec (those I have experience with).

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    Destro is insanely strong for leveling, inbetween having the void lord tank, having ember tap heal for 20-25% health and some great execute mechanics
    (The same could be said for either of the specs, as affliction you can just Soulburn Soulswap dots on a mob, haunt after it, channel MG for 1 full duration then switch to drain soul (all shards back and nice 20% health return if glyphed)

    I'd say start with Destro/Affliction, demo is great for heroic dungeons tho.
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    Destro it's the easiest to learn how to play. Personally Affliction it's more hard then Demonology for me. At affliction you need to refresh your dots when you got proc's and don't use Haunt whenever you got soulshard, just look at procs. That's why I feel Affliction it's more hard then the others 2 specs.

    To improve your performance, just download Affdots. Best addon for warlocks atm,works like a charm on any spec, thanks to Ridcully.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barackohmama View Post
    I think Affliction is the easiest together with destro. I've played afflock in cata and now pandaria and I don't see what ppl are talking about when they say it's hard. Hardest is demo imo.
    I dont think you know the deeper knowledge of affliction, it is hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgromir View Post
    I dont think, it is hard
    U're doin it rite. Aff is a joke since 3.1.
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    Destro definitely feels the most powerful to me. Voidlord to tank everything and then infinite FnB spam to kill everything. If you can't get enough to FnB spam then Chaos Bolt + Shadow Burn is brutally fast single target. Ember Tap gives you massive survivability, and your mana regen lets you create infinite Voidlords. There's no reason you should ever die.

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    IMO start with Demo... u get hand of guldan pretty early which makes great aoe and good damage just put corruption up and shadow bolt spam. It's alot easier to level demo imo and your pet does good damage and you spawn wild imps at level 32 which is just free damage and demonic fury. The only thing about demo like others have said is the meta weaving in and out which you also get very early so you have time to learn. Honestly, thats fun for me but may not be for you, Make sure corruption is up, I use my 2 charges of hand of guldan go into meta and spam instant shadow bolt spam.

    All the awesome stuff for the other specs like fire and brimstone, seed of corruption, soulswap, back draft, haunt comes much much later 65+ so demo wins up until that point. Then i'd swap to any other spec you like out of the three. My lock is 70, and I just went desto cause you get back draft at 69 so I can spam incinerates faster but I think I'm going back demo cause I also got molten core procs which is awesome sauce for soul fires.
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    there is a no easy warlock. 'easy warlock to play' = doing half of the dmg that you could potentially do.

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    as a warlcok in cata (havnt had the chance to play him in mop) it was destruction>affliction>demonology for me in terms of ease. affliction being my prefered one.

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    The easiest is probably Destro. Keep Immo up, use your Conflagrate when you have charges, use Chaos bolt when you have Embers, replace with Shadowburn when possible, else Incinerate.

    Demo is sort of complicated with the stance dancing.

    Affliction really isn't "hard" if you use a DoT tracker. Keep 3 DoTs up and then MG/Drain Soul. If you don't like using addons though, Affliction can be difficult.

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    I aimed for the best possible dmg with least work as well and find Destro ok for that purpose.
    Affli seems to need your full attention. Not possible to watch TV, eat, cuddle the cat and still get the rotation right.
    Demo was ok as well, but I didn´t like the concept of premature stance switching.
    Destro is ok. No surprises here. Just aoe is a bit nasty, because you can/should cast additional spells during Rain of Fire.

    This is my lazy char. It just needs some lfr equip for dailies (reputation recipes).

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