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    Foreseeing the future

    I know that this could potentially be a relativly sensative subject due to it's controversiality so please respect peoples opinion and don't post anything unnecessary.

    Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, lets get down to todays topic. Some believe that certain poeple possess the ability to foresee the future.

    I'm definitely assured that this is possible, however some find it ridiculous but I've had relatives (including my mom) visit such people. Quite a few years back she found out that either me or my brother would possibly possess some sort of psychic capabilities.

    It's obviously a rather skeptic assumption, especially when considering the fact that the man wasn't sure.

    However since very young age I would have these weird dreams of random places where unrealistic scenarios accrued. Nothing special really because I think the most of us occasionally experience unpleasant dreams of some sort. Allow me to elaborate further. It's been scientifically proven that most dreams are often forgotten and even when you manage to remember them after you wake up you will eventually forget them as the years go by. It's normal right?

    However sometimes find myself in the areas of which I had seen in a past dream. Often I have forgotten these places but when I see them I immediately get some sort of flashback and instantly remember that I have been here before. I can never draw some reasonable connection to the secnarios accuring in the dream.

    For an example I had one dream about this place in China Town, London where somebody was murdered. 2004 my dad got a 5-year job in London. He is a teacher in greece but as you are familiar with their unfortunate situation the increased salary in London was quite tempting, in addition to that he was closer to Sweden where I live. So we could visit each other more frequently. Even thought that didn't contribute to his decision of moving, it was still a nice. Coincidence I suppose? Or was it.

    A few days ago I was walking in the forest with my dog. Suddenly I decided to randomly disengage from the trail as I had walked it countless of times before. I like exploring the forest and creating some sort of a map in my head of the entire area. So I went through a swamp and saw a hill. That's when I realized that this was yet another place. I just knew that a field would be on the other side. So I went up and confirmed that there was indeed a field there. The scale and form of it was exactly as I had have dreamt it to be.

    This has happened lots of times, and I'm sure that these places don't just have certain similarities, they're identical.

    I just wanted to share this. What do you make out of it. Am I on to something or not? Share your thought! Have you ever experienced something weird like these kind of things?

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    Everybody wants to believe they are special, few admit they are mediocre and mundane. Thinking you are Psychic based on flimsy evidence may be your way of coping.

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    Are you sure you are not just describing deja vu?

    It happens when for some reason experience goes into your memory before it is processed otherwise. This is why it feels like you have seen or done something before.

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    Man connot determine the future in and of himself, but he can be give knowledge of it. I have never expirienced anything like that.
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    Hmm, I'm still sceptical about foreseeing the future and stuff like that. It's not like you dreamt something special and it happened. You dreamt about something simple (your second example) and your first example I don't really see a connection besides it's based in London.
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    I think everyone has that experience sometimes. I've certainly had real life moments where I thought to myself, "Wow, I remember this vividly from a dream I had 5 years ago. Weird." Then I remember that I'm not in a fantasy novel. It has something to do with the way your mind stores and recalls memories, and nothing to do with future predictions.
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    Morae is right, what you're describing is a rather common psychological phenomenon.
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    Sometimes I think things are going to happen, and they do. Other times I think things are going to happen, and they don't. If I was better at this, I'd make a lot of money betting on sports.

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    Honestly it happens to me all the time, I just don't remember dreaming about whatever it is in front of me the next day until I'm actually there. It's just deja vu.

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    I don't believe it is possible.

    However, the best argument I can make in favor of the idea is that I have certainly witnessed extremely talented prognosticators (using science / math to achieve these things) get absolutely ripped to shreds and discredited by untalented jealous rivals who wield gossip, slander, and hearsay. One specific method I have seen used is "amplify and repeat". The way this discrediting tactic works is this. Let's say someone correctly predicts 10 events in a row. The 11th is wrong. They then get another 15 in a row. The jealous rival will actually focus on the one incorrect prediction, and by taking some choice comments out of context or without clarification, they repeatedly bash this person over that one wrong call. They amplify and repeat the error until that is all anyone talks about and it becomes a punchline. Eventually, a whole group can turn away from the victim, even if they are 99% accurate.

    So if we are given someone who could actually see the future (which I don't believe in, but let's call it a given for the sake of argument), its entirely possible that jealous rivals will set out to personally destroy them and ruin their credibility for their own gain.

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    Everybody wants to believe they are special, few admit they are mediocre and mundane.
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    It's just very talented people exploiting the weaknesses of our minds.

    And yeah, I think we all have 'mysterious' and 'creepy' things happening (such as deja vu), so you're not special.
    To declare that a personal, inner experience gives certainty about the workings of the universe is to assign far too much value to one’s subjective sense of conviction.
    I’m not that arrogant.

    The brain, marvelous instrument though it is, isn’t infallible. It can misfire, seize or hallucinate, and it can do so in a way that’s utterly indistinguishable from reality to the person experiencing it.

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    The ability to foresee the future would require that the future already in some way exist, or be predetermined, in order to be seen. Either that, or have a mind capable of keeping track of every possible variable in the world simultaneously and be able to unconsciously use statistical analysis to create an accurate estimation as to what would happen given a certain set of conditions (i.e. 'the present').

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    Absolutely not IMO. A friend of mine keeps telling me he has precognitive dreams, but when he tells them to me its either A - incredibly vague & stretching the interpretation to absurdity, or B - him dreaming about something really mundane that he does regularly and then, oh my goodness, it came true!!! This always made me laugh because in high school I used to dream very regularly about going through the motions of an entire day (which is why I'd often wake up thinking it was 1-2 days ahead of actual time).

    Unfortunately my mother is convinced it's all real and has wasted a good deal on money on psychics, and after one told her she could develop the gift too she's been seeing signs & portents in her dreams.

    I just love how they can focus on specifics of your life, but they can never tell you the lotto numbers :P
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    I forsee the future with extreme accuracy on a daily basis.

    For example, I predict that when I click the "post quick reply" icon, this post will be submitted to this thread.

    [edit] holy shit it worked! I'm precogniscant!!
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    I had a girlfriend who thought she could see future events in her dreams.

    She couldn't, but she was hot and she really believed it, so I used to say 'Wow, that's amazing!' a lot.

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    I had a car accident yesterday.When i called my father and told him,he said the thought of me having an accident came to his mind couple days ago.He does not go around telling people he can foresee future though.

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    It's probably possible that reality and science is complex enough to allow occasional glitches in the matrix such as foreseeing events.
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