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    Smile {H} Hysteria EST 25 man 4/16HM LF DPS/HEALS

    battletag: minar#1528 or andy#1366

    About Us: Hysteria is a well respected 25 man Horde guild that's been around since November 2008. The guild is run by adults and drama is non existent/not tolerated in guild. We pride ourselves on our raid environment. We are a great guild for people looking for a long term place to raid and call home.

    We are currently 4/16HM in 25 man

    We're currently searching for those special raid members who will join our roster for Mist of Panadaria and beyond. Ideally potential raid members would be excellent players with a solid knowledge of their class, almost perfect situational awareness and attendance.

    Current guild needs but not limited to (any great player is encouraged to app):


    High need:

    Feral - Cat
    Shadow Priest
    DK - DPS
    Holy Priest
    Mistweaver Monk
    Resto Shaman

    All exceptional DPS is required.

    These spots are core spots for the right players. Your DPS/HPS should be close to the top of your expected DPS/HPS with your current gear.

    Hysteria raids from 8PM-11PM EST, Monday through Wednesday. We run a fair loot council system, which rewards players for good attendance and solid performance rather than seniority. We will be focusing on 25 man raiding as we feel this environment is more rewarding for raiders.

    Further Information
    We are seeking skilled players who are dedicated, enjoy raiding, and constantly seeking to improve themselves and those around them. We do not recruit for the bench and try to keep a small yet optimal roster so we have the versatility for hardmodes without the penalty of skilled raiders sitting on the bench.

    As we are a guild focused on progression and efficiently raiding, we provide flasks(cauldrons), feasts and repairs for raiding members. We also provide enchanting materials on main spec gear.

    If you have any further questions and/or wish to apply to Hysteria, feel free to contact Minar or Kackle in game or PM us on our forums.

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    Bumpity bump bump! Come check us out!

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