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    Fira's How To: Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent

    (Quick note - This guide was made mostly from memory and it was made for my guilds website. I am posting it here for 1) In case it helps anyone else out and 2) More people reading it means more likely to find mistakes! Which there are probably plenty of)

    Hello and Welcome to my first "Heirs How To" (I renamed the title on these forums due to my character in WoW being called Heirbloom), a group of guides designed to get you the items or reputations you want with minimum fuss!.

    Some of this (and even all of it to some) may be what you’re doing already, this is more aimed at newer players, but I will also try to include hidden little tricks you may have missed (like an add-on that can help!)

    So first of all I decided to go with Exalted - Order of the Cloud Serpents, as they give a sexy mount and is surprisingly fast to do!

    To start of your rep "Grind" you will need to visit the Arboretum in The Jade Forest (There is a bread crumb quest in Shrine of the Two Moons for Horde or Shrine of Seven Stars for Alliance" if you dont know the location) and start with the quests (Starts with Wild Things)

    At the end of these quests you will get a choice which Dragon Egg you want to raise as your own, this will decide what colour mount you get for free at Exalted (you CAN buy the other two colours for 2100g)

    The choices are - Blue, Green or Yellow.

    These quests will give you a nice little boost up to well within friendly, meaning that within one day of doing your dailies for them, you may even be nearing honored! And remember, once you reach revered you can get a Grand Commendation which DOUBLES your reputation gain (includes ALL other characters on your account)

    Now for the boring part... DAILIES! Wouldn’t be a Blizzard Style Rep Grind without them! But here’s a tip - there is a daily quest for each of the secondary professions (Cooking, Archaeology, Fishing and First Aid) BUT only Archaeology REQUIRES you to have a high level Archaeology! Here is one of those little tips I said about early!

    Fishing - Fish from the pools, 100% chance of getting the quest fish even with 1 fishing!

    Cooking - You can BUY the fish cakes from other players!

    First Aid - Just group up with a first aider who is doing the quest!

    And Sadly I do not know of a way for Archaeology.

    Most of the dailies are straight forward, but once you reach Revered some are a little trickier.

    Sky Race - You will get a chance to see the race "track" before you actually do your first daily race. Go around the track once or twice to get a feel for the locations of the check points (the clouds move each time) Now here’s a little trick for if you are struggling to get first place - DO NOT FOLLOW THE NORMAL ROUTE!


    He gets the 7th checkpoint, then instead of going under the bridge he goes around and gets the 9th checkpoint then back to the 8th before finishing! You will win ALMOST every time if you also keep your speed cloud stacks up at 10 and don’t get lost (like I did the first time)

    another revered quest sends you against the champions of the order of the cloud serpent. These are NOT as easy as they look. Each has tactics you must follow AND you must kill them within one minute! (Also please note, I only got put up against three of the five when doing my dailies so the information from 2 of them is what I have read online.)

    Ace Longpaw - He will every now and then put fire underneath your feet, you must move out of this!

    Big Boa - This guy is a bit of a pain, if you’re ranged he pulls you in and if your melee he pushes you away, he also hits for some big numbers so be prepared to try Stun or Interrupt his abilities. And watch out for his War Stomp.... it’s a killer! (Get away from it if possible, or use a cooldown)

    Ningna Darkwheel - She does a LOT of damage very fast, also summons orbs which move inwards towards you putting a VERY nasty DoT on you! Best bet is to use all your DPS cooldowns and burn her down ASAP.

    Qua-Row Whitebrow - He summons images of himself, Kill them! As soon as you can, they actually do a lot of damage if left alive. Other than that it’s the easiest of the fights here in my opinion.

    Suchi The Sweet - This one specializes in AoE damage, so pet classes (hunters and warlocks) you’re in luck with your pets! If you are NOT lucky enough to have a pet willing to be blasted to pieces for you, then you will simply have to run around out of the AoE constantly while stunning or silencing if you want to have time to stop.

    Ran out of dailies and still have time to spare? Don’t worry! There is a way!

    Onyx Eggs! They are grey little eggs that spawn on the island where most of the dailies occur, they are also really hard to find UNLESS..... (And here’s another of my little tips) you use TomTom add-on!

    Ok first things first! install TomTom if you haven’t got it already, now make a few new macros (three altogether)


    /way 65.08, 26.20
    /way 66.64, 28.69
    /way 67.12, 24.94
    /way 65.18, 24.77
    /way 67.05, 33.81
    /way 66.61, 31.58
    /way 66.54, 32.20
    /way 63.09, 29.31
    /way 69.65, 31.64
    /way 70.53, 28.99
    /way 61.89, 30.20
    /way 66.18, 33.43
    /way 62.40, 32.36
    /way 65.63, 25.07


    /way 64.18, 23.92
    /way 63.39, 21.62
    /way 62.98, 21.95
    /way 62.37, 32.84
    /way 62.17, 31.75
    /way 62.19, 31.21
    /way 67.02, 32.68
    /way 62.46, 28.77
    /way 62.21, 29.29
    /way 62.00, 29.54
    /way 63.73, 21.90
    /way 62.30, 28.12
    /way 62.71, 29.78
    /way 66.43, 29.55


    /way 65.18, 24.77
    /way 65.24, 23.91
    /way 70.33, 28.63
    /way 67.06, 30.25
    /way 66.00, 30.71

    This will add the location of ALL the possible spawn points for the Onyx Eggs! Just follow the arrow and try to find them!

    Each egg gives 500 rep, (550 rep while in the guild) and gives DOUBLE if you get the grand commendation from being revered with them when you hand them in back at the Arboretum.

    Sadly the eggs have a SLOW respawn rate and you will be competing with other people for them, so maybe try farming them at off-peak times (E.g Early morning, late night or weekdays when people are at work/school!) as the spawn rate is NOT increased by having more people in the area.

    Also Remember: You are not the ONLY person farming these eggs, if someone beats you to an egg, its theirs! Unless they are the opposite faction and have their PVP on, let them get on with it. Do not harass, do not spam and try to let each over enjoy the game!

    So here is my last tip - I know it’s not possible for a lot of people but Server Restarts RESPAWN as many as blizzard have allowed to be spawned at the same time AS SOON AS THE SERVER GOES LIVE! I tried it! I got 10 within 5 minutes and there was still more (I had enough to finish off my way to Exalted)

    Anyway that’s my guide, if I missed anything or made a mistake (or you have an easier way) feel free to reply and I will update this (With a thanks to you at the bottom!)
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    Tldr: Do dailies.

    Infracted. Please post constructively.
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    haha I hardly even mentioned the normal dailies, just a few tips and tricks on the more difficult ones its meant to be a guide for those wanting to speed things up, not a pure walkthrough guide

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    If your Archeology is up enough, you can hit exalted with Lorewalkers (super easy, takes 15 minutes) and then buy the item that teleports you to a dig site in Pandaria.

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