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    Cool EU-silvermoon Alliance. Conclave 6/16 HC 10-man

    Howdy pardners!

    Conclave is looking for 1 tank to fill our 10 man roster. Be a Warrior, Paladin or Death Knight with 380+ ilvl and preferably experience in the current normal raids.
    We are currently progressing in HoF HC.

    We currently raid on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 20:00-23:00 Server Time.

    We provide our raiders with free repairs and food.

    You need to bring potions and flasks.

    We use mumble.

    You are required to know the boss-fights we're up against. (aka. read about it, watch videos, know the skills and abilities the boss will be using)

    We use loot council for looting, Duckgirl, our raid-leader has the final say in who gets what item.

    This guild is not ruled by democracy.

    Feel free to make a post here with any question or visit our website:

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    Looking for 1 tank, be a Warrior, Death Knight or Paladin with 480+ ilvl and preferably experience in all current normal raids.

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    Bumping this to tell everyone that we're in need of 1 tank (warrior or Paladin preferably) and 1 healer (priest, shaman, monk). Either apply at our website or get in contact with one of the Conclave-members on Silvermoon-EU.

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