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    [A - Turalyon - EU] <Oasis> (We are recruiting for MoP)

    Greetings everyone on Turalyon,

    I can already hear you think, oh another recruitment post….and while that is basically correct, we feel otherwise.

    Yes we are looking for more members for our guild, but we are looking for specific people who would really fit in, rather than just try to fill the void.

    Oasis has been around for quite some years, so is a longstanding guild on the Turalyon server alliance side ( I am truly sorry for everyone on Horde side who want to join us). Over time, like every guild on wow, a lot happened. We have seen people leave over the years because of various reasons. Some wanted to raid more, some could not go by our rules some simply left to go play some other game. But there was always, a core group of members who stayed devoted to the guild and our values. Even in the last year and a half where guild activity was decreasing, several members kept believing and we are still here and growing once again! Good news is that with the announcement of Mists of Pandaria, some of the people that left in the past have once again returned. As a result guild activity is picking up once more.

    So what does this mean? It means that the core of the guild consists of truly loyal people, who above everything in WoW want to make sure that the name Oasis will be around till the end of WoW. We want slowly but steadily, once again to make the guild more active and lively. We want to make once again Oasis one of the most honored guilds of Tyralyon.

    As you may have guessed this is where you come in!

    Our attention will be shifting, once more, towards raids as we want to progress and be serious about that aspect of the game again. And we are looking for potential raiders to help us achieve that. Potential raiders, patient enough to gear up their character for raids, read tactics, join us on regular runs and try over and over again without moaning when we fail, without loot lust when we succeed. Oasis potential members devoted to our values. We want members who will join us to stay and not leave at the first sight of difficulty.

    One of the strengths that make Oasis the guild it is, and also one of the reasons we are still here, is the guild atmosphere. Above all else we want to maintain the same friendly helpful environment that we together created. Therefore in new members we seek loyalty, willingness to help others and obviously as we are playing a game, having fun together.
    Some of our members enjoy PVP, some enjoy raids and dungeons, others prefer questing. It is all accepted and good.

    As long as you proudly and respectfully represent Oasis and respect others then that is the main thing. We don’t do everything together, some of our members just enjoy playing alone more than others and it is all fine. Being part of the guild and helping others can be done in many ways. Sometimes a friendly advice can be all that is needed. It's a small effort to make but it can mean a lot to another person.

    And while this is extremely important, we feel that it is equally important to make raidprogress in Mists. We are looking for more people to join our team and to make raids possible. If you do not feel that raids are your cup of tea but you still want to join then feel free to apply just the same. We don’t have a level requirement for casual players but we expect potential raiders to be at least lvl80, so they can join as soon as possible our team.

    If you think that this sounds nice and you would like to know more about us or get to know us a bit better, feel free to poke one of us in the game, or you can visit our website www guildoasis eu and apply.

    I wish you all a good fun time and hopefully see you in the guild.

    Kind regards,

    The officers of Oasis
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    Just to clarify …
    We don’t look only for well polished pro's or particular Class. All Class and mature players are welcome .

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    At this time Healer spec is most wanted
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