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    Action mmo without levels?

    Im looking for an action mmo without levels other than age of wushu/wulin hopefully one that also does not have classes thank you.

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    Monster Hunter Frontier, hope you speak japanese.

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    thank you, english please though

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    The Secret World. No Levels, no classes.
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    Things like this make me realise there is so much more out there than WOW, its good tbh

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    Skyforge, while in closed beta at the moment, sounds like the type of game you are looking for. While it does have classes, you can freely switch between them when you unlock them, also no levels, just prestige.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    The Secret World. No Levels, no classes.
    The devs claim that there are no levels in TSW. Though there are no character levels there are still gear levels. With the absence of character levels all the players just moved to using gear Quality Level as the unit of measurement. So instead of saying hey we are doing dungeon X you need to be level 60 to do it they say hey we are doing dungeon X and you need QL6 gear.

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    The Secret World is not an Action MMO.

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