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    The first Guild Wars did it well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsworn Knight View Post
    My question is, has there or will there be an MMO that will provide a 'proper' Necromancer experience? If so, I will go out of my way to acquire this game if its available ASAP.
    EQ1 had a very well made Necro class, probably the best that you'll find. EQ2 Necro is OK, but it lost a LOT of flavor compared to EQ1. GW2 Necro is pretty good, especially a good minion master build. Non-MMO, a summoner build in Path of Exile has been quite entertaining and brought back memories of Diablo 2. But yes, generally speaking, most MMOs do a fairly poor job when it comes to Necros.

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    EQ1 was THE necromancer for me.

    Vanguard was a close 2nd. There you could graft stuff onto your main pet, which was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    GW2's necro is a glorified Warlock. Your pets are made of silly string minus one. The necro is a class where you can summon hordes of undead to fight for you, 6 isnt hordes. Im still waiting for a game that I like to do a proper necro. The minions would be weak, but its the numbers thats the main point.

    Basicly all those missions where you get to play as Arthus and raise the dead is the kinda thing I want to do. Deathknights army comes close but they dont last long.
    Finally, someone who understands.

    For the record, I'm still looking out. I might try out EQ1 though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reighnman View Post
    All of this but no mention of UO?
    UO's Necromancer was cool but I still wouldnt say it's the best rendition. Since UO was a sandbox and the skills you pick up are completely at your choosing it fits most inline with D&D's (to me the TRUE necromancer) version of the class. In UO you could pick up (at least how mine was set up when I played a necromage) 120 Magery, 120 Eval Int, 120 Meditation (or 100) 120 or 100 Necromancy DEPENDING PURELY on what spells you wanted to cast. Then fill in the rest of the skills for a total of 720. Not keeping in mind different artifacts you could use to boost your skills in a particular skill; IE; Midnight Bracers? Which I don't think you could meditate through to regain mana. I think the top spells that were used were Pain Spike (before it was nerfed) Strangulate, Wither and Vampiric Embrace. Pain Spike for high burst damage (once again before it got nerfed) Wither to AoE chokepoints (Stack 4 or 5 Necros on top of each other spamming Wither and NO ONE is getting through chokepoints at champ spawns, or great for AoEing down trash mobs at champ spawns). Strangulate to keep an interrupt up on enemy players, and Vampiric Embrace to turn into a vampire, be immune to all poisons minus deadly and for increased mana regen. The only downside to VE was the hit to fire resistance it gave you making you more susceptible to fire based spells like fireball, explosion and flamestrike (if your armor already didnt take into account the hit to fire resist you take by going into VE form.)

    All in all, after typing all that, yes, the UO Necro (combined with magery) is a very good example of a true necromancer in a game because once again, to me, there is no such thing as JUST a necromancer no matter what crazy spells game devs make up for it. The best bet of playing one is in DDO (if the class exists to its true form, which is a specialized wizard) or in UO and then EQ1.

    I'll copy and paste this from b/c I don't think anyone clicked the link the first time I posted it.

    Necromancy is the school of magic whose spells manipulate the power of death, unlife, and the life force. Spells involving the undead make up a large portion of this school, including animate dead and finger of death.[1] Highly focused on the Negative Energy Plane, most spells from this school drain abilities.[citation needed] This school is the one most associated with lichdom, a process that allows the caster to live (or rather, exist) indefinitely by securing their essence in a receptacle known as a phylactery.[citation needed] A wizard who specializes in the necromantic school is called a necromancer.[2]
    In D&D lore, which pretty much commercialized and made popular everything you see in videogames and books today there are Schools of Magic.

    They are, in no particular order: (minus alphabetic LOL)

    So when you think of what game gives the best Necromancer think about which game allows you to play a Wizard that can also use Necromantic Spells and once again after typing all that, your best bet is either DDO (not sure if the class is in that game but its based off of the D&D ruleset somewhat) or Ultima Online. Then Everquest b/c it lists and allows everything D&D says a necromancer does MINUS the part of just being a specialized Wizard.

    Also in Everquest you used to increase skill in the different schools of magic everytime you cast a spell. When you'd put a shield up or personal armor, your skill in Abjuration would increase. When you summoned a skeletal minion or spectre your skill in Conjuration would increase, etc etc
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    ok to anshe answer is NO! there is NO SINGLE mmo that has done the Necromancer correctly The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind had it very close with limitless summons under your control based on your spells BUT they were like guildwars timed spawns. T answer every one else what is a Necromancer done right? Read this:

    Necromancer: Defined as he who summons & controls the dead to do his biding binding them to objects or his own soul to ensure loyalty.

    From this definition the only game to do a Necromancer right was... World of Warcraft NOT the Death Knight class but the Litch King alone is the ONLY Necromancer done right by the Definition of a Necromancer Taken from the root of necromancers in games Dungeons & Dragons but since he's not playable my answer of no is still accurate.

    now to do one right in a game you need to focus on summoning the dead, Modifying, and controlling them But you should have a limit of "Elites" that follow you now these numbers are also taken from D&D based on 3 years of studying & manipulating game mechanics & rules.

    Elite Limit: 10 Elites minions: 10 each Elites Minions, minions: 5

    this gives you an standing army of 150 units however using soul Binding you can transfer the "control" to an object of value (in D&D the best object was an Orb cut Ruby a small one could have 150 bound to it) however you need a Pedastle and a spell circle however you could craft more durable summoning obalisks for control however these need to be placed and they have a limited range of effect. (in D&D with the stone carver profession & basic Blacksmithing you can make Carved obelisks use pure gold to fill the carvings then enchant it with power)

    Necromancers often master other LESSER Magic so Summoning deamons/anything other than DEAD things NOT in this list Lesser magics are Enchanting, Alchemy, Charm & control magic, and Soul/Spirit Manipulation

    another skill Necromancers often posess is exper level Medical skills allowing them to make Freakish minions (world of Warcraft Abominations/Flesh Giant/ Thaddeus I'm lookin at you)

    so to wrap it up for making the Necromancer Fallow the above Rules and make a game with a building system and lots of other magic to stand a chance agains a necromancer and you've got an awesome game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    Could you imagine playing a tank or a melee in a raid with two, or maybe even three Reanimation Necromancers? 16 to 24 zombies all crowding around the boss, on top of the already-existing tanks and melee.
    Which explains why MMOs don't generally design necros to spawn mass numbers of pets. Animists in DaoC, for example, could spawn pretty much as many pets as their mana pool would allow. We're talking one player with potentially 20+ turret-pets generated. It was awful and people hated what it did to PvP with the lag and spam involved. Caused huge bogged down turtlenecks as well.

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    Is it ironic that this thread was resurrected?

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    Rift did a great job with Necromancer class
    Quote Originally Posted by Daralii View Post
    An orc named after Jesus firing a kamehameha at a tentacle dragon and making it explode into fairy dust before a group of dragons don't lament the loss of their once-friend or the now inevitable extinction of their species due to their newfound sterility and mortality but instead congratulate him on knocking up his wife was pretty fucking insane even by this series' standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsworn Knight View Post
    Always struck with arbitrary limits
    this is part of thits thing called 'balance'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    GW2's necro is a glorified Warlock. Your pets are made of silly string minus one. The necro is a class where you can summon hordes of undead to fight for you, 6 isnt hordes. Im still waiting for a game that I like to do a proper necro. The minions would be weak, but its the numbers thats the main point.
    I don't even..

    That's like someone complaining a Mage in the typical MMORPG isn't\doesn't feel like a real Mage\Wizard because a proper mage\wizard would be able to conjure several elemental aspects and summon the mightiest of the storms and blizzards while nuking entire cities with a giant summoned meteor!

    "Balance, ***, do you speak it?"; That's all there is to it.


    On topic: I don't think it's a matter of "done right". Each game and universe has it's own set of ideas and vision as to what classes are.
    As long as it involves summoning the dead and dealing with death\blood magic - sounds like a necromancer to me.


    Quote Originally Posted by Shinzai View Post
    Is it ironic that this thread was resurrected?
    I admit I didn't even notice - but the irony is indeed sweet on this thread!

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    Everquest, Rift and Dark Age of Camelot had Necros in the D2-ish style. Although whatever you are calling a "proper" Necromancer is vaguely defined here, OP.

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    I thought Diablo 2 did it best.

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    don't worry diablo 2 ruined a lot of stuff, it ruined diablo 3 for me.

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    EverQuest 1 and Diablo 2 were the only good Necromancers I've ever seen in gaming... period.

    Lol realized I already posted EQ1 a while ago.

    Necro thread necro'd.

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    Filthy necromancers and undead scum...

    You need some paladins up in here to purge you for the good of the kingdom!

    Tis I!
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    Yah because I'm stroking my evil lapcat while sitting in my Ivory tower of oppression built on the skulls of those less fortunate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torkkar View Post
    From this definition the only game to do a Necromancer right was... World of Warcraft NOT the Death Knight class but the Litch King alone is the ONLY Necromancer done right by the Definition of a Necromancer
    I hope you realize the only difference between the lich king and the player controlled death knight is the scope of power.
    So a dk player isn't a necro based on how they have more limited power when compared to it's source material that basically has the exact same powers but on elevated, supercharged power levels.

    That's like saying a shaman isn't a shaman because the player class can't actually manipulate the very ground they walk on or in game weather.

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    path of exile you can be a summoner, skellies, zombies, etc, also guild wars 2 necro is quite decent.

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    Here you go bro. Perma summon undead combat pet, Army of the Dead style CD with tons of undead, possess your undead minion for a period of time, leach powers off of your undead minion, transform yourself into a Lich, ton's of death based DoTs, leaching abilities. Everything you could possibly want. Go thank the Rift team for it.
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