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    I really liked the Legacy system implementation of a surname in SWToR.

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    It could be good, as long as they don't force it on you. But it would pose the danger of having way to long names or make finding people on the armory even harder if they start adding the little accents on letters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivick View Post
    bleh. do you ever use both a person's names when talking to them? that would be weird.
    You don't have to use both names when talking to someone. While I was playing GW I noticed almost half of the players I encountered had second, or even third names, most of the time we would just refer to them by their first names. The point in having the second name though, is that you might actually be able to use a name you couldn't use before, or you just like the idea of your character having 2 names.

    Imo it's really the same thing as having a title, You have it for show on your character, it serves no other purpose than that, but it's still nice to have it there, and nobody has to refer to you by your title
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivick View Post
    bleh. do you ever use both a person's names when talking to them? that would be weird.
    I do depending on the context in which the name is used, mostly when RPing.
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    There is an addon that does that.
    It's called 'My Role Play', you can change your name to anything (has second names too) to anyone who has the addon.
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    yes but make it a hide-able option. I alreayd have a last name for some of my characters

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    Great Gnome Warlock name
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    Yes, and make that 2nd name a server name and then merge all servers to stop the retarded 1:000000001 ratio on most of them.

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    I think it could be fun, but it would most likely end in a shit fest. I for one have no intentions of ever grouping with a Blood Elf Paladin named Árthàs Mênëtîl. The less names including "dk", "holy", "arthas" and "death" the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeothecat View Post
    sounds cool but not enough for blizzard to put time into imo
    Theres a list as long as time of stupid things they've wasted dev time on. This is a server thing anyway, it would be handled by some other department.

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    I can see them selling it @blizzstore
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    How about we just have everyone using BTags to contact each other.

    ie. When you click someone's name in Chat it shows up as say... Hakushi (MYBATTLETAG#[email protected]^#): *type message here*

    That way you could have multiple Hakushis in a chat channel, you'd have to distinguish them though by other means in the chat channel, maybe having for trade example.

    [2][Hakushi (BattleTag#@[email protected]$)]: HELLO TRADE CHAT.

    I don't see any issue with this besides people adding other people on Battle.Tag, which happens anyway since you can right click names in Guild and add them as a Battle.Tag friend.

    BTags aren't an identifier for anything personal, so no big deal there, at best, Blizzard would just need to increase the limitation on the friend's list to more than 100.

    *This also fixes the issue with merging servers*

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    except for the draenei.
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    Just use the MyRolePlay addon, let's you add a second name and a "title" to be addressed by if that's what you are looking for. You can also give your character a real name if you decided to name your toon "vanishbrb" or w/e.

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    Yeah I would like to see it. I always felt characters came more alive with a second name.

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    Yes to surnames, but no to the player being able to select it. Blizzard picks it at your birth from a random table. Just like the real world. It gives toons a family. They could even add heads of households which have quests and dispense heirlooms.

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    i wouldnt have a problem with this. i really liked the idea of the second name in SWTOR with your legacy title. it definately added some sort of uniqueness i guess you could say, but then again back when i played i used to search the armory and never found anyone named the same as my warlock but thats besides the point.

    the downside is that it would definately make for some silly or retarded combos. in SWTOR i thought there were some clever names with the titles and legacy surnames. my friend was lucky enough that he snagged Buzzkill on his trooper and had the Major title. those types of names i dont think are bad but i did see some really bad ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmff4 View Post
    You can make a GM ticket and if possible they'll free the name, if it's really as inactive as you say. When I migrated all my names were taken, but a quick GM ticket freed all but 1 of my previous names.
    Even if some of the inactive characters are something like lvl 70 or 80?

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    It's hard enough to communicate names that have non-standard characters. Can you imagine two names full of them?

    And some titles are pretty long. The name over the toon would have to be tiny to fit it all.

    It just seems unnecessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaese View Post
    I really liked the Legacy system implementation of a surname in SWToR.
    Yeah, that was awesome. Having all your alts share a surname (or you could turn the name off if you didn't want it shared) was really nice.

    Well in general, I see no downside to having more customisation.

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