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    Shadowpriest LFG 25

    Found a guild, thanks for all the interest .
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    Added battletag.
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    Hey there,

    Original is currently looking for some more members, and I think you would fit us well. We are an old 25man raiding guild on Shadowsong, raiding for 7 years already. We've cleared most content before MoP, and continue to compete for the top 25man guild spot on the server. We're always looking for mature, social and reliable raiders.

    We raid 4 days a week (wed/thu/sun/mon), between 20.00 - 23.00.

    Our current progress is

    5/6 HC in MSV
    2/6 HC in HoF
    4/4 Normal in ToES

    If you're interested, check www .original-guild .net,
    and if you have any questions, contact me or Narayan ingame or add my battletag Deadweight#2391

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    Still looking at other options, preferably Horde . Though Alliance is not out of the question. Can possibly squeeze in Tuesday, I'll just put my sports on the Saturday morning instead .
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    Hey mate. My guild is looking for a SP. Entropy (h) on Dragonmaw. We are 25 man raiding guild with more than 5 years of experience. Atm our progress is 8/16 HC with Will of the Emperor close to dying. We raid Sunday-Tuesday 19.15-00.00 with 15-minutes break in the middle of the raid. If you have any questions or up for a talk about it - add me on battletag Horsecarer#2698

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