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    RBG Team Recruitment (Low Rated Push) Now > 5.2

    Hi Everyone.

    I am searching for dedicated players to assist me with forming an RBG team that will play on a regular basis to push towards the 2000+ rated bracket now and in patch 5.2.

    TS3 / Skype will be our communication software.
    Working microphone is a must as well as being able to contribute to games using the English language only.

    Gear will be personally checked when you apply to become part of the team, but please note if you do not have at least full dreadful / Malevolent Weapon you will not be considered at this stage. The team will be formed over the next week to two weeks and a date will be set via the calendar to begin our progress.

    There are no MMR restrictions so anybody with any rating is welcome to apply and the best team will be chosen over this time period to ensure we have a good setup that can push towards our targets.

    If you are interested then please feel free to contact me here to begin discussions.

    Please note i wish to only recruit players to the team who are dedicated and enthusiastic towards pushing rating, i will not accept players with bad attitudes / big ego's as you are just not wanted.

    NOTE - This is horde only on EU servers if interested please give me your realID / Battletag.



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    Hello, I'm a warrior (arms/prot for FC) looking for a RBG group for 5.2 I have 2.1k for RBG and 2.2k for 3v3. If u want to talk about it, add me on battle tag Horsecarer#2698

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