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    So I did a search for any threads relating to this game, and could not seem to find any. So I was wondering if anyone is currently playing Archeage and if so, what you think of it and if you could give some details on it. I know it's an Eastern MMO, and I personally don't think it would succeed in the west, just from how hardcore it seems to be. However, it is very intriguing. I know it's a region "only" beta, however I know there's people here in the states playing it. Just go to Youtube. Thanks for the info!

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    * start to watch from 0:38

    I see that there is not much english info about this game. It's strange for the game like this (I could find much info about Aion or Tera before its release even in Korea), I don't understand why there is no hype for Archeage from western players.
    I think if someone here who liked online MMO's like Lineage 2, Aion - than they would like this game too! Only one sad thing - this game will be localized not earlier than end of 2013 year in NA/EU.

    Personally, I think that this game have a big potention:
    - really big and beautiful world;
    - 10 different skill trees (you can have 3 trees and combinate it from 10 however you like); Also, you might change those trees whenever you feel that you don't want for example to tank anymore but wanna be a mage, ranger or support(so, you don't have to level a new toon when you would want to try something different , just level that tree you'd like to have and that's it);
    - OW PvP, BG's, sieges, good PK system, jail and pirates faction ("arrr!"...);
    - good looking political and economic systems;
    - sea battles (you can build your own boat);
    - you can build a house and create a small farm

    If somebody got intrigued than they could find more explained info about each aspect of the game.

    BTW, Archeage will have OBT starting in Korea at 2 january (yup, tomorrow). So, you gonna find more info, movies about this game when people gonna start to play.

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    any word on what pricing / subscription will be?

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